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Say Hello to The Clean Cup!


With our recent Kickstarter success, we've been able to roll out Mod-to-Order. The toughest thing about MTO is deciding what to put on a custom watch. The options are endless, which is why we love to hear what inspires you and why those of you who have already created custom Mods put your dog, brother, favorite flower, etc. on a watch face. The following is a guest post from ModiFamily member, Tyler Dobush, the genius behind The Clean Cup. Check out the story behind his custom Mod.... ---- I was raised as a Lego kid, grew into a grease monkey and eventually became an engineer.  My passion to build things started at a young age.  I was always taking something apart to find out how and why it worked and if I could make it better, if I could make it a little bit more my own. Recently I've been fortunate enough to turn this passion into a career.  It has always been a dream of mine to bring one of my ideas to life and in April 2013 I started my own company, House Rules, in the hope of pursuing this dream.  What started as a university engineering project is now my company's flagship product.  Enter “The Clean Cup,” The World's First Portable and Automatic Beer Pong Ball Washer.  This product will replace the nasty and highly ineffective "wash cup” that is so commonly used today.  The Clean Cup will be ready to rinse at any place you play: tailgate parties, frat parties, or even your own dining room for those intense family throwdowns!  I’m putting the final touches on my Kickstarter Campaign now, with plans to launch early July! Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.02.37 AM I quickly realized that starting your own company and bringing a product to market is NOT an easy task.  I was introduced to Aaron at Modify, who is a huge believer in the entrepreneurial spirit.  He asked me if I was creating a product or a company. Aaron went on to explain that a company is something that you build off of strong connections with your public: a family of sorts.  This theory has deeply affected the way I have approached House Rules.  I want to build a company that creates products that people can feel connected to.  Products that solve problems, but can be easily customized to fit an individual's preference.  Aaron and the entire team at Modify have been extremely supportive and inspiring throughout the development of The Clean Cup.  Being part of the Modi-Family has taught me that developing strong connections and collaboration with those around you is key to creating something amazing.  Just check out my new watch!! A HUGE thank you to the entire Modi-Family for keeping us all creative and helping me pursue my dreams.  And remember, No One Likes A Set Of Dirty Balls. Get The Clean Cup!  

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