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Taxes and (MLB) Collections


Baseball has been back for two days and three nights. Officially. 4 am is barely an hour for coffee, and certainly not one for articulately viewing a baseball game. But we've gone into this, and who cares because baseball is on lots of channels again. Certain developments have been wonderful — like Instant Replay. Some players have picked up right where we left them last year — Felix Hernandez, Mike Trout. Some things haven't run so smooth — like the Giants' implementation of Instant Replay, Jose Reyes' hamstring and C.C. Sabathia's slider — and some things have been sartorially, er, confounding. But nothing can top this: The MLB Mods are in stock and available for purchase. A face for every current team (sorry, Expos fans, but at least you got a book this week!), and nearly as many strap options than Phil Rizzuto's Yankee jersey had pinstripes*. We've documented all the reasons you should own a Modify MLB Collection watch, potentially more than once, but now they are available to be purchased, shipped and worn on your wrists, a process that may or may not illicit extreme feelings of jealousy from your coworkers/friends/fellow fans. (And, if you want another fresh, organic, locally raised reason to purchase an MLB watch: Getting cell phone reception at a baseball game is like trying to catch an R.A. Dickey knuckle ball with a dixie cup. To avoid frustration, it's probably best to leave cellular telephone in your pocket. And while the time of day is often displayed prominently in multiple locations at a baseball game, it's still far away. So instead of squinting, or getting frustrated, get a Modify MLB watch. See? We have lots of reasons. But we mostly care about this one: These watches are seriously the most unique wearable fan apparel in the entire MLB closet. Back to other things.)


So, if you have been eagerly anticipating the day upon which you could order an MLB Mod, it's time to put your tax return to use. If you haven't done your taxes yet, you should probably do your taxes. But otherwise, simply feast your eyes on the MLB Collection from Modify**.   Footnotes * From The Things You'll Probably Only Read Here, At Least Today, Files: Phil Rizzuto's Yankee jersey had approximately 40 pinstripes from front-to-back, there are currently 34 strap options offered by Modify. Neat? We thought so. Also neat? The most pinstripes per uniform in Yankees history belongs, reportedly, to C.C. Sabathia, who had approximately 62 (!) pinstripes on his 2009 threads. Hefty Yankees also of note: Babe Ruth (48), David Wells (56-58), Randy Johnson (58-60), Cecil Fielder (54)… Thanks for participating in our most obtuse footnote possibly ever! ** Over at HQ it's taken every fiber in our being not to unwrap every watch, purchase an above ground pool and fill said pool with the aforementioned watches. This task would be done with the intent of diving into the pool, a'la Scrooge McDuck. Don't worry, we haven't done this. Yet.  

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