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It's March MODness 2014!


So, Dayton really blew up that whole billion dollar dream, didn't they? If it's any consolation, no one has ever filled out a perfect bracket, at least in any recorded instance*. Need more consolation? We do. (A billion dollars is a lot, at least to us, if not to Warren Buffet and Dan Snyder, who backed the biggest Double Dog Dare in NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge history.) The odds of filling out a perfect bracket: 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, according to well respected math professor, Jay Bergen of DePaul University. The odds of winning the November, 2012 Power Ball Lottery, valued at $550 million: 1 in 175,223,510. Just to be clear, it's 52637754128.2 times easier to win one of the biggest Power Ball lottery jackpots in history than it is to pick a perfect 63 games. So, had Ohio State in your Sweet 16? It's ok. You could've picked Georgetown to win it all last year, which would've siphoned the joy out of the Florida Gulf Coast University #DunkCity Sweet 16 run, a.k.a. The Most Entertaining Sweet 16 Run Ever. Every decision has consequences in March. Here's to hoping you didn't pick against Mercer. But, enough waxing on the impossibility of a billion dollars. Let's talk about March MODness: You can't purchase NCAA Mods (yet), but you can color match your favorite teams. Want to have the appropriate wrist attire for a potential Wiggins-inspired Kansas run? Try the Bluebird of Happiness. Into UConn, because Shabazz Napier's name is Shabazz Napier and Shabazz Napier sounds like the name of Boba Fett's boss? The Gulf of Modico happens to be totally symbiotic with UConn's unis. Like Wichita State because: A) Last year's Final Four run. B) Ron Baker's anything. C) They have a Wiggins too! D) They are randomly sponsored by the Jordan Brand. E) They're nickname is the Shockers. F) The inevitable headlines they're mascot would inspire in the event of a Tournament win. G) All the above? The School Bus would go with your Shockers shirt better than merlot and steak.


Are you either naturally antagonistic or an alumnus of Duke? Get on that Papa Smurf action. And it doesn't stop there: We can match just about any uniform in the dwindling field of 64. So, you can't pick a perfect bracket, but that's totally OK. You can show your colors during March MODness in far easier ways. p.s. check out our fan-design competition going on over at Facebook -- it's fan-tastic!   Footnotes *And if anyone claims to have achieved this feat prior to internet brackets, they are lying and most definitely used pencil on whatever bracket they dared to call perfect and are about three steps less full of it than people who saw Big Foot but forgot their camera.

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