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Mod-to-Order: design your own custom Modify Watches! Now on Kickstarter.



Mod-to-Order: design your own custom Modify Watches! 

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  • Upload any image or graphic you want on your watch face
  • Pick from 30+ straps to mix-and-match
  • We build a custom, made-to-order watch just for YOU
Hello! We’re Team Modify, a 3-year-old, San Francisco-based startup. We collaborate with our community or “ModiFamily” to build fun, colorful products they love. We're thrilled about “Mod-to-Order”. Our vision is to let you put any design, photo or graphic on one of our watches - fully custom, modular style for all. And after a few years in business... we're close. Mod-to-Order is for you, and can only happen with your help. [caption id="attachment_3609" align="alignnone" width="700"]SF's finest is here to help you create your very own avocado watch! About time, am I right? SF's finest is here to help you create your very own avocado watch! About time, am I right?[/caption] For 3 years we've partnered with fans to design dope, limited-edition watches with mix-and-match faces and straps. We've also had a ton (like, billions) of people ask to design or create their own.   [caption id="attachment_3610" align="alignnone" width="621"]Mix + Match = LOVE! If you build it, you will love it. Mix + Match = LOVE! If you build it, you will love it.[/caption] Outside of a handful of reeeeally determined fans, only big companies, non-profits and major retailers have been able to afford to create custom Modify Watches. Mod-to-Order is our opportunity to change that. We want to raise $50,000 to help source materials, expand our space and hire locally to bring printing and assembly to the U.S. This will be a HUGE shift in our business, and we're here to ask for your help to build the infrastructure and make our vision a reality. Check out the following sections to learn more about our project:
  • The Video. Haven't seen it? Click here! Seen it already? Watch it again!
  • What is a "Mod"?
  • Why Mod-to-Order? (And why we are convinced you'll want one)
  • How Mod-to-Order will Work
  • What will we do with $50,000? Sneak preview: spend it (well)!
  • Unbelievably Awesome Rewards
  • Jokes
Or visit our website to learn more and build limited-edition wrist candy.


This is a Modify Watch (aka a “Mod”). We call our watches Mods because they are modular: our mix-and-match faces and straps allow you to create any look you want. Each Mod also has a name (say “hi”). [caption id="attachment_3611" align="alignnone" width="621"]Black face with Black strap is "The McQueen" (Steve, not Alexander). Black face with Black strap is "The McQueen" (Steve, not Alexander).[/caption] Mods are affordable and come in 3,000+ colorful combinations. The more pieces you have, the more combinations: 1 face x 1 strap = 1 Mod; 3 faces x 3 straps = 9 Mods! [caption id="attachment_3612" align="alignnone" width="621"]Math is easy when you Modify. We call it factorials of fun! Math is easy when you Modify. We call it factorials of fun![/caption] Our audience of 30,000+ votes on designs they want produced, allowing us to introduce designs we believe our ModiFamily will love. Then we produce our Mods overseas, and that means high minimums (we need to manufacture at least 300 of each design), long lead times and huge costs which makes one-off customization impossible. tetris_multiples


Our vision is not to build our designs... it's to let all ModiFamily members design the watch of their dreams. We're calling it “Mod-to-Order” - our super clever take on “made-to-order”. We want to help anyone who wants to design a fully custom / bespoke / one-of-a-kind / personalized watch to do just that.
We think of Mods as a storytelling device. Am I feeling colorful? Conservative? Sporty? With our watches, you can show your colors on a daily basis. [caption id="attachment_3614" align="alignnone" width="700"]Wrist candy makes you dandy! Wrist candy makes you dandy![/caption]
But, and this is a BIG BUT, we’ve never been able to deliver one-off, 100% gen-u-ine, unique designs for you. Mod-to-Order is our chance to finally reach that vision. Our fans have asked for it. And we think you, your friends, your team or your company might want one (or six!) of the following:
  • Drawings your kids did
  • Pictures of loved ones, pets or enemies (always good to keep them close)
  • Gifts for your startup or bowling pals, highlighting your brand, team name or logo
  • Artwork you’ve created which you want to see on a new canvas
  • Private-label designs for your brand or retail store to resell
  • Commemorative imagery to capture a perfect moment in time (um, wedding?)
  • Fundraising tools for non-profits
  • Clever ideas like your face… on a watch face (!!!)
  • Pretty much anything. Though we don’t recommend designs with your Social Security number, PIN or mother's maiden name.


[caption id="attachment_3615" align="alignnone" width="720"]Some ideas we've been testing... let your imagination run wild! Some ideas we've been testing... let your imagination run wild![/caption]  


We’ve been lucky enough to work with some awesome brands like Google, SurveyMonkey, Riot Games and Nike to design custom watches, and they love their wrist candy. However, not everyone can afford to design 300+ custom watches. [caption id="attachment_3616" align="alignnone" width="720"]BIG TIME (no, literally): check out some watches we designed for these brands! BIG TIME (no, literally): check out some watches we designed for these brands![/caption] We’re inspired by SUPER fans such as Brandon Ortwein, who actually took a watch apart, painted on his own design and put it back together to create a custom Mod. [caption id="attachment_3617" align="alignnone" width="621"]See?? We're not the only ones serious about custom watches! See?? We're not the only ones serious about custom watches![/caption] Our minds? Blown, by the thousands who submit their own artwork or vote on specific designs. [caption id="attachment_3618" align="alignnone" width="700"]5,000+ votes don't lie. The winning design (Graphene by Michael Carper) is a best-seller! 5,000+ votes don't lie. The winning design (Graphene by Michael Carper) is a best-seller![/caption] The ModiFamily has spoken, and we hope to introduce Mod-to-Order as the way to make personalized designs accessible to our entire community.  


Here’s the plan kids, from your idea to you wearing the watch. HowItWillWork  


We’ve been planning Mod-to-Order for quite some time (18 months to be exact). We need $50,000 to turn our vision into reality, but can only get there with your support! The funds raised from this campaign will go towards:
  • Component parts: Watches aren’t made out of thin air... yet. Until that day comes, we’ll need to source all of our components for Mod-to-Order -- plenty of scratch-resistant cases, water-tight seals, watch hands and of course high-quality movements, which is industry lingo for "the things that keep ‘em tickin’”
  • A new website: 10001010101010101. Sorry, that was a technical joke. For us to put your designs on a watch, we need to make it easy for you to send us those designs.
  • Printing capability: We’re not talking about hand-painted designs or your run-of-the-mill desk jet; we’ll need a commercial-grade, high-resolution printer to make your watches pristine! We’ve been testing all types of printers to varying degrees of success, and need to figure out the best, most cost-effective way to do this.
  • Expanded space for assembly: Assembling these bad boys the right way isn’t easy. We’ll need a clean space that’s dust free (aka nowhere near Aaron's desk).
  • Finally, we’ll be hiring folks in the U.S. for printing / assembly. We’ve created 8 full-time jobs so far, and are excited to expand our reach.


Get more details on all the rewards here. Pledge just $25 or more and pick from 1 of these fan-designed watch faces to pair with a limited-edition Kickstarter green strap and black strap. Note, we're currently hosting a fan design competition on our Facebook page, so go vote on the design you want us to make! reward1 Or scoop up loyal-TEE, that's code for the dope, one-of-a-kind Modify t-shirt that will only be designed should we reach our goal. loyalTee Pledge $49 or more to get your very own custom Mod-to-Order watch face! [caption id="attachment_3622" align="alignnone" width="720"]This is why we're all here! Be one of the first to get yours. This is why we're all here! Be one of the first to get yours.[/caption] Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer watches?? YERP, we've got licenses, but no watches available... yet. Pledge $95 or more to help us make MLB and MLS team watches a reality through Mod-to-Order. Pick your favorite team(s) -- we can even make you Men's and Women's US National Team watches before World Cup -- and we'll design and print a watch for you to mix-and-match with four "home" and "away" straps! [caption id="attachment_3623" align="alignnone" width="621"]Pick your favorite team (or gift to a super fan) and show your TEAM colors! Pick your favorite team (or gift to a super fan) and show your TEAM colors![/caption] [caption id="attachment_3728" align="alignnone" width="621"]19 teams available! Or get a US National team watch. Enjoy your team on your wrist. 19 teams available! Or get a US National team watch. Enjoy your team on your wrist.[/caption]   Select any of the reward tiers featuring straps, or pledge $12 or more to pick from 30+ strap colors including limited-edition Kickstarter Green! [caption id="attachment_3625" align="alignnone" width="621"]Mix-and-match to build the perfect Mod-to-Order timepiece! Mix-and-match to build the perfect Mod-to-Order timepiece![/caption] This is the next phase for Modify, and as we like to say, “you can’t spell Modify without Y-O-U”… or was it, “only you can help keep us ‘ticking’?” It's taken a few years to get this close: Aaron has even become super-gray. But our team is incredibly hungry to deliver on our original vision. So, please help us make this type of personalization available to all those who want it! Mod-to-Order will make sure the world knows your story, whether it’s (quiet) or LOUD. THANKS FOR CHECKING OUT OUR PAGE. WE (REALLY) APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT ☺

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