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Personalized Service


Why do we do what we do? You. You are the reason we create amazing watches. But what if something during your transaction goes wrong? Well our team is here to help 100% of the way. We want to give the ModiFamily the best experience there is, and we believe that personalized service is the right approach. There’s simply no point in keeping our business open if we can’t make customers happy! We want smiles and rainbows through the process. Personalized Service What happens at Modify when we find out a customer isn’t happy? First, everyone freaks out. When we finally gain our footing back, we figure out the problem. Its always our fault; whether it be a scratched watch, or we are colorblind and send you the bright pink strap when you explicitly asked for blue. Maybe the problem is something that can be fixed easily; see our help/FAQ page. Or not. We have set up multiple access points to contact us. One being a simple “chat with Modify” feature. On the bottom-right corner of our lovely website, you can talk with team member Michelle. She’s a customer service guru, and will connect you with all the right answers. The other option is sending us an email at Through that, we can fix literally any problem you have. And every single one of Jay-Z’s 99. We are here to help you. We want to make sure you are A-OK. We’ll give you the push you need in order to Modify correctly. Just check out our “WOW” wall, which is proof in itself that our customers love wheeling and dealing with us, and are willing to be loud and proud about that. Now that’s good service. Another part of quality service is making and maintaining each customer relationship. That’s why, when you order from us, you’ll receive a personal note in each and every box. Maybe a joke, maybe just a simple thank you. We feel that the personal touch will help you, the customer, to remember us, and spread the Modiword! Importantly, you'll get the business card of the person who packaged your order. That way you have a name - not a generic company inbox - you can contact. To wrap this all up, money isn’t our goal; happiness is. We strive to give you what you want, and to also know why you Modify the way you do. If we can learn why you Modify, then we can begin to create what you want before you even know you want it. (We’re that good).

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