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Customizablog, Super Bowl XLVIII Edition: Because Super Bowl's like it customized, too


The Super Bowl is this Sunday, in New York, and it's going to be cold but probably not incredibly cold. Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos are playing Richard Sherman and his Seattle Seahawks*. For the rest of the narrative wrap-up, currently operating Seattle sports franchises have won exactly zero championships in anything, making Seattle sports fans among the most tortured in America, so there's that going for the Seahawks. Peyton Manning has won only one Super Bowl, while his brother has won two, so there's that too. But past the players, past the weather, past the wonderful prop-bets made available by gambling entities across the web, there exists an awesome treasure trove of Super Bowl gear. And because we live in 2014, all this sweet stuff is available to view and/or purchase on the Interwebs. Plus, Super Bowl's are played every year, making all of the products custom-ish. So, in honor of the 48th Super Bowl being played in New York, here are the best 6** Super Bowl items available for purchase. On Omaha. Omaha!: 1. Again, Omaha! (LINKS FOR ALL BELOW) The official over/under on Omaha's in the Super Bowl is 27.5, but this Peyton Manning "Omaha" T-shirt says more about your Broncos fan-hood than some silly prop bet. Mostly, however, it just says "Omaha." 2. A $15-20 Russell Wilson Lego person (also available in Peyton Manning flavor). Because what Super Bowl and/or Lego collection is complete without one's favorite Super Bowl-bound quarterback represented in all their one-inch, plastic-molded, Hook-handed glory? No Super Bowl and/or Lego collection is complete without them, duh. 3. We feel like 2014, while most definitely a custom watch year, will also be a sock year. So kick off the year in awesomely unique fashion with some collectible Super Bowl XLVIII socks. Unfortunately, these socks are not battery powered and heated, like Bruno Mars' reportedly will be, but they're still pretty great. 4. Broncos-painted zombie gnomes from Darkside Creations. Those are real, and are cool both for Broncos fans with strange taste AND for any Peyton Manning haters/doubters/conspiracy theorists. Only at the Super Bowl. 5. Some people might say that football and wine compliment each other about as well as mold compliments bread, but those people are wrong. Evidence: These Super Bowl XLVIII laser-etched wine glasses, etched special just for the Big Game. 6. Because New York has a checkered history of large animals scaling buildings (and don't you dare tell us that King Kong isn't a documentary) and a checkered history of knock-off goods, here's the bestof the un-licensed bunch. Have a safe and fantastic Super Bowl, everybody, we here at Modify most certainly will. With our Omaha shirts, gnomes, lego men, wine glasses, socks but not our Horse vs. Bird t-shirt. That one is proudly framed above a fireplace that does not exist.   Footnotes * These two players are featured because if you watch TV, listen to radio, read things in newspapers or on the Internet and/or frequent sports bars, it would appear that each one of them makes up roughly 45 percent of their respective roster's. Marshawn Lynch was asked for comment on this matter, and he just pulled up his hood and smiled. Richard Sherman might comprise 45 percent of the Seahawks, but Marshawn Lynch might be the president of the Illuminati. ** We divided 48 by 8, and got 6. Why 6? Why not, huh? Yeah, that's what we thought. Sorry for the outburst, we've been drinking too much Richard Sherman this week.

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