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The Greatest Watch in the History of Watches


BREAKING NEWS: The Greatest Watch in the History of Watches has surfaced, and it's coming to auction. And no, that first sentence contained no capitalization typos; proper nouns require capitalization. The watch is none other than Babe Ruth's 1923 World Series championship pocket watch, and basically nothing after the previous statement matters. Ever. But… HERE'S AN IMPORTANT FACT THAT MAKES THE BREAKING NEWS EVEN COOLER: In 1923, World Series champions received pocket watches, not rings. HERE'S AN EVEN IMPORTANT-ER FACT ABOUT THE OTHER IMPORTANT FACT THAT MAKES THE BREAKING NEWS EVEN COOLER THAN IT ALREADY WAS (WHICH WAS PUSHING "11" LEVELS OF COOL ALREADY): Babe Ruth's first World Series win with the Yankees — and the Yankees' first as a franchise, the first of 27 — came in 1923. For those still wondering why this is cool, we have no more words for you. For those wanting more info, you have come to the right place. The watch, in Ruth's possession until his death in 1948, has remained anonymous for nearly 70 years. As per the Associated Press, the Bambino gifted the watch to his pal, Charles Schwefel*. At this time, the The Greatest Watch in the History of Watches got it's personalized touch, the inscription, "To My Pal Charles Schwefel." Schwefel's wife then gave it to a guy named Lewis Fern — aka The Second Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth — who was her nephew and Ruth's caddy. Fern held onto the watch until 1988, when it was sold privately to an East Coast collector (with great taste, obvi). After the sale, it remained in a safety deposit box until now. So, to recap: Not only was this watch the literal equivalent of the first World Series ring the greatest baseball player ever won during his tenure with the most decorated team in MLB history, but it also has a personal engraving. Why this guy chose February, 2014 to vest himself of the coolest watch ever really doesn't matter**. What does matter is that the watch is set to go to auction at Heritage Auctions, during the NYC auction house's Feb. 22 sale. According to the same Associated Press story, the watch is expected to fetch at least $750,000, but could easily reach seven figures, or, as sports memorabilia Stans like to say, Honus Wagner T-206 territory. If we had $750,000 to spend on memorabilia — which, for those wondering is 405041250 Dogecoin (s/o to the Jamaican Bobsled team!) — we would most certainly splurge on this. Because we don't, we're just going to get really, really, really excited for the release of our MLB Mods, coming this Spring! Footnotes *No relation to Charles Schwartzl, in a familial sense. In a names-that-sound-like-a-delicious-dish sense, however, they are most certainly related. ** It might, but not to us. Why? BECAUSE THE WATCH IS FOR SALE SO WE NOW KNOW IT EXISTS. All information after that can only hurt the story. Ignorance is bliss, baby, ignorance is bliss.

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