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No Big Deal


  Falling in love with your operating system… no big deal. A stranger told you you look just like Ryan Gosling… no big deal. Your mom is the THE Billie Jean from "Billie Jean"… no big deal. 3,000,000,000 watch face + strap combinations… no big deal. Your phone automatically saves every SnapChat… no big deal. Kids born in the year 2000 are starting high school this year… no big deal. Making a million dollars… no big deal. Breaking all your new year's resolutions within 1 week… no big deal. Being a slave for 12 years… no big deal. Wearing a Mod while flying in a fighter jet... ya know… no big deal. You got an A… no big deal. You still know the Macarena... no big deal… no big deal. Chuck Norris once texted you for advice… no big deal. You invented the selfie and your brother invented the photo bomb… no big deal. Jennifer Lawrence has a crush on you… no big deal. You made the US team for both the Winter and Summer Olympics… no big deal. A Nigerian prince offered you $500,000 via email… no big deal. Your mom is on the Supreme Court… no big deal. You ate 40 McNuggets in 30 minutes… no big deal. Halley's Comet was named after you… no big deal. Struck oil… no big deal. You outran a big boulder and then chose wisely… no big deal. You can make Major League Baseball Watches… no big deal. Oh, I don't know. Everyone can list the first 75 digits of Pi… no big deal. You found a new element… no big deal. You're the inspiration for both A Beautiful Mind and Tin Cup… no big deal. You're a direct descendant of Odysseus… no big deal. Ayo and Aaron wrote a blog post together… no big deal.  

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