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Mod Of The Month Club - 2 for me, 1 for you


  2014: the year of the horse. Resolving to be even more dope than in 2013? There are 44 ways to do just that, but today, we'll focus on the simplest of resolutions: JOIN THE MOD OF THE MONTH CLUB! Giddyup.
  • First things first: this is a monthly watch subscription service. Yes, you get to choose one face and one strap out of like a zillion combinations to be delivered. Every. Single. Month.
  • Savings? Yerp, we've got those too. Plans start at only $28/month. AAAAAND when it's all said and done, you can save up to 50% (we lie: sometimes even more!) just by being a member. Go month-to-month and cancel whenevs. Or prepay for 3 or 6 months to save even more.
  • Mods for days? NO! Mods for YEARS: we've got 3,000+ possible face + strap combinations in 2 sizes (and counting), so imagine how long it'll take you to collect all of those... that's exactly why we created this exclusive club.
  • Think we roll out the red carpet for our most ballin' customers and ask them to pay shipping?? Not a chance: FREE FIRST-CLASS SHIPPING within the U.S. via USPS. Oh, did we mention it also comes with tracking? Seriously, not second or third, but first-class shipping with tracking


  • Want to buy more than just 1 face and 1 strap in a month? How about 20-freaking-percent (20%!) off everything you buy?? Like whenever -- when we have sales, when you buy already discounted items, whenever you feel like it -- you get 20% off more than everyone else just for being in it.
  • Exclusive offers, pre-releases, opportunities and FRIENDSHIP. Who do you think gets to buy limited-edition watches first? MOTMC! Who do you think gets the first opportunity to design their own watches? MOTMC! Who do you think gets super sweet emails each month from Michelle? You guessed it: MOTMC.
  • You're a VIP. Our VIP. We want to treat you like one. The red carpet is rolled out. The velvet ropes are up. This club doesn't just join itself. What are you waiting for?
  • Finally, no questions asked... ever. Except "is this a gift?" because if it is, we throw in an extra strap! Can you imagine? You keep your monthly Mod for yourself orrrrr if it's your bestie's b-day and you forgot... BOOM! Gift them a Modify Watch. They’ll get an extra strap just for knowing you, and you retain your title of BFF.
Basically, what we're trying to say is: if you LOVE Modify, you'll love the Mod of the Month Club. #getinvolved

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