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Wow Your Customer


  Not too long ago, Aaron shared The Modify Way, which was the culmination of a 3-month exercise to define Modify’s culture. The #1 point of the Modify Way is:
We WOW customers, teammates, partners and investors. People feel more value and delight interacting with us than with any other brand, sometimes directly at the expense of profit.
As the “happiness boss” here at Modify, the idea of “WOW”ing our customers is one that I work toward on a daily basis. It’s a pretty basic idea: give your customers the best experience possible with every single interaction they have with your brand. This idea can sometimes be harder to implement than you think, but here are a few of the ways I try to deliver this experience on a daily basis: 1)      Take the time to add a personal touch to every interaction. We write handwritten notes with every order. We ask Deb about her grandkids, we let Amanda know her dad, Jeff, is the coolest for always sending her Mods, and we send Tim a special surprise for his birthday. It’s the little things that friends do for each other, and that’s exactly how we view each and every one of our customers – as friends. 2)      Over-deliver whenever possible. A good example of this happened last year during the holidays. The cut-off date to receive an order by Christmas with standard shipping had passed. A customer, Dan, placed an order he needed before Christmas but forgot to choose expedited shipping. He emailed immediately and asked if there was any way he could pay separately for the shipping so we could expedite it for him. We went ahead and rushed the delivery, free of charge, that same day. wow 3)      Follow-through. This one should be a no-brainer, but even I’ve experienced poor service because a company doesn’t follow-through on something they’ve promised. Like I mentioned before, we view our customers as friends – and friendship is built on trust. When I tell a customer I will check the archives to see if we MIGHT have one out-of-stock item left, I will dig around every inch of the office until I find it. If I tell a customer we will make sure he/she gets her package in time for their trip, I will overnight it and sprint to the post office on the spot if needed. 4)      Empathy, honesty, transparency. We all make mistakes – so it’s inevitable that every so often we hear from a customer who is disappointed with their order. Whether we messed up and sent the wrong order, or we sent the customer the items they ordered and they are not satisfied – it’s on us. We own up to it, we apologize, and we do everything in our power to make it right with the customer. Aaron has commented that I really do get upset when a customer isn’t happy – and it’s true. Because we work so hard to personalize the experience, I take it personally when I haven’t WOW’d a customer. We always try to learn from these experiences and find ways to change or improve what we’re doing to avoid the same type of instance in the future. Those are just a few of the ways I try to deliver WOW-worthy experiences and service every day.  Have you been WOW’d recently? Do you run a business where you Wow your customer? I’d love to hear your feedback:


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