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A Salute To Squadron 27


  In addition to the countless colorful combinations of Mods we offer on our website, we do custom watches for a slew of companies. These clients range from the Google’s and Nike’s of the world, to San Francisco-based startups such as Survey Monkey. Our team loves working on these custom timepieces as it allows us to help bring their vision to life in a unique and fashionable way. A few months back we received an email from Chris Nigus, an F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter pilot from the United States Navy Strike Fighter Squadron 27, also known as the Royal Maces. Right off the bat we were impressed by this guy!  He had attached photos of him flying and it was pretty much the coolest thing we’d ever seen — not to mention their logo, talk about badass! We have worked with some pretty cool companies, but this was something special.


From our 5-Tool Guy, Erik:  My grandfather was a fighter pilot in WWII and I was always intrigued by his stories growing up. There is something captivating about the profession, a fondness hard to hone in on, yet a feeling shared by many. They live in the clouds, from time to time we catch a glimpse of their jet stream along the horizon, but then it’s gone. It was our goal to capture this glimpse and prolong it through art.
  The process of landing on the perfect design was interesting as Chris was often bouncing around the globe on different missions. After several iterations, we finalized a design and went into production. We were shipping to an aircraft carrier and wanted to make sure the package arrived okay.  We didn’t hear back for a while and began to worry. A few days later, we got an email from Chris apologizing for the delay, then mentioning he was called to help with emergency relief in the Philippines after the Tsunami.


Here we were, worrying about a package of custom watches and he was out helping save lives. It was a definite “Ah ha” moment which made us feel extremely honored to have had the opportunity to build something special for Chris and his squadron who give back to people across the world.  And, of course, the watches arrived just fine.  Don’t you think?  

Fly Watch

This is the type of project that resonates and brings meaning to our work. Our entire Modify Team wants to welcome VFA-27 into the Modi-Family and thank them for patrolling the skies with our fly watches on!

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