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So cloning, huh? Seems like it's lagging behind the rest of Crazy Future Things, doesn't it? Who thought we'd be sitting here in 2014 without at least four or five copies of ourselves? Anyone? Well, it hadn't even crossed our mind that self-replication wouldn't be available in 2014. It seemed fitting. The timing seemed right. The world might finally be open to more Michael Keaton's, after all. Instead of cloning, though, us humans had to go and figure out all sorts of other useless powers. We turned our phones into electronic utility belts. We ripped the keyboard off laptops. We promote bird-on-pig violence. Someone has even combined a mode of transportation with one of those inflatable clowns that won't fall down. They then named it Segway to confuse everybody further. We're weird. But In regards to recreating our own likeness: Remember when the best Technology could do was the Selfie, bake-able clay and the American Girl series? We do too. Especially the bake-able clay. FeMo. It was impossible. But guess what isn't? Making yourself into a stuffed animal. Seriously. You. Stuffed. Animal. POW. At, you can make yourself, your significant other, your worst enemy, or a potential voodoo victim (or anything else, really) into a stuffed animal. Does it look like whatever it's supposed to look like? Sort of. And that's good enough for us. For the price of all sorts of different inexpensive things, you can turn yourself into a cartoon stuffed-animal version of yourself. It's amazing. For too long, most things stuffed toys were governed by the rigid standards of amusement park games. Now, for the same exact price* as a carnival game, you can put your beautiful face on the shoulders of a stuffed animal that will live forever. Or, if you want to be awesome, you can take a picture of your friend, and make a stuffed animal out of them**. And we here at Modify think that that's pretty neat. -- Footnotes *This is simply an estimate, even though the word "exact" appears in the text. We used that word, because in the two people we polled, one had recently won a carnival game after spending $57 on said game. **If you take this route, however, the photo must be one that will inspire some serious levels of embarrassment. Like, on a scale of 1 Getting Kissed on the Cheek by One's Mother, you're looking for a photo that sits somewhere between a 6 and a Tripped and Fell in Front of My Whole Office While Bringing Coffee Into the Conference Room. To be vague.

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