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Best in Custom Design aka The Customizablog


Here at Modify we love customizing things. You could say customization is in our DNA, but our DNA is already customized (blue and red, duh), so we're not sure where to look to figure out that particular hypothesis. But it's this love of customization that inspired us to bring you the Best in Customization from around the web: From big brands to small, summer to fall, we cover them all. Like shoes? We do too. Into clothes? We wear those as well. Super into curating a pick-your-own-cheeses-of-the-month list? We're not, but more power to you, Customization Crusader. This week, we're taking a look at Perfectly Made Kicks — a bit better known as PMK Customs — a customizing shop doing straight up awesome collaborations with already awesome footwear. Take the Cincinnati Reds x PMK Nike Dunk, if you're an example type of person. The stitching through the toe box has been replaced by the classiest stitching of all time, baseball stitching*. The logos, while consistently Reds-related, are a diverse yet equal collection of C's, Mr. Red's, Mr. Red-C collabs, tight shots of Mr. Red, and the C with the "Reds" in the middle. Yet somehow all this action seems understated. Then there's the baseball glove cross-stitching throughout the upper. If baseball stitches are our favorite type of stitching, the leather stitching on baseball gloves is our second. Call us narrow-minded in the field of stitching if you'd like. It won't deter our thinking on the matter, we promise. If baseball is your thing, but the Reds aren't, PMK made the raddest pair of Ebbets-dipped New Balance 574's the world has ever seen. How do we know that previous sentence to be true, given its intensely declarative nature and slightly dogmatic undertone? Because we're pretty sure that this is the only Brooklyn Dodgers inspired New Balance 574 that has ever been made. 'What if there are imposters?' you might ask? There aren't. Because to try to recreate this magic would be tantamount to bottling the essence of Woodstock — and not the 1969 version, but the 1999 version where people climbed light towers and were generally terrible to one another, which, in other words, is not only impossible but undesirable as well — and irresponsible on 42 different levels. Irresponsible because this shoe is gorgeous: Ebbets Field (#RIPtotheGOAT) is laser etched into the toe of this shoe. Laser etched x Ebbets Field? Mind blown. Want more? Sweet. The Ebbets Field laser-etching is etched on… wait for it… the leather from a (actual!) baseball. And it's held together with our favorite kind of stitching: Baseball stitching. The Upper and Heel are made from leather from a glove. The toe has the Brooklyn B displayed proudly** and the entire shoe reeks of amazing. PMK Customs, we thank you.   Notes *Which, if it were up to us, would be the only type of stitching allowed anywhere. Period. We might be in the minority here, but save instances in which Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez kills baseballs for sport, those stitches have proven themselves the strongest on planet earth. They've held up through Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, the Summer of '61 AND the Summer of '98. Let's see a chain stitch do that, huh? **Little Known Fact — The Brooklyn B and the Boston B are different in one way and only one way: The Boston B has a hole in between the top loop and the bottom one, Brooklyn's was colored all the way in.

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