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The Modify Way


We just finished a 3-month long exercise to define Modify's culture. We named it The Modify Way. All of our teammates (Ashil, Justin, Charlie, Ayo, Erik, Michael and Michelle) had a hand in crafting this. Eight of us working together to define who we are.

I'm posting this today with pride. I was inspired by Bhavin from the team which made their Core Values public. I hope you can read theirs too. Another great Values set which informed our approach is from Buffer.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Do you think we live up to this?

The Modify Way

  • We WOW customers, teammates, partners and investors. People feel more value and delight interacting with us than with any other brand, sometimes directly at the expense of profit.

  • We are partners working together toward a shared goal. We are a wolfpack of 8 (and counting) that trusts, strives to inspire, has fun with, and dazzles each other.

  • We execute fewer things, well, at the expense of “doing it all”. Even when this means we need to defer our dream of building a robot T-Rex that spits out watch recommendations

  • We work hard to fulfill our vision. Like most high-brow / kick-butt / crush-it-all-day companies, we want to make a dent in the world – for us, changing how people accessorize and bringing joy to the process. That dent doesn’t happen by itself, it happens because we are passionate.

  • We make fast decisions when the choices are small or reversible. We choose to iterate versus over-plan in hopes of learning more. Yet we do not stumble at the finish line in the execution of major initiatives.

  • Data matters, and opinion loses to fact. Gut instinct is great to get going, but we choose to be hypothesis-driven and data-oriented to move the company forward.

  • Our vision is big (HUGE), and the critical path to get there is deep understanding of customer behavior. We invest our time and money to learn *why* customers love Modifying; simply making money doesn't further our mission.

“A good company … must convey its values and importance in everything it does.”

                                                                                                          -Mike Markula, Apple

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