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How to Dress Like a Champ for Interviews and Business Meetings


Guys, if you are just getting out of college, or if you are ready to get promoted, you know that you bring a lot to the table. You have to make sure your look shows that you are the man for the job. If you have been rocking the casual look, get ready to ramp it up. If you want to play the game, you have to wear the uniform. In this case, the game is the boardroom and the uniform are your clothes. Here are some general guidelines to help you put a professional look together: - Wear suits in navy blue or dark blue. This is because navy blue or dark blue look very professional. Wearing dark blue can make you look more authoritative. Choose this color over gray or charcoal gray. Sometimes you can wear brown suits, but not on the first interview. In general, the darker the suit, the more authority it carries. There is an exception - wearing a black suit to an interview. If you are applying for a job at a funeral home, then you can wear black. On a side note, if you are applying for a job in the funeral industry, make sure your look is PERFECT. Funeral directors are extremely picky about everything, especially how they dress. - Two or three piece suits are both acceptable. - Your job is to make sure that your suit fits you well. Make sure it is not too tight or too loose. - Make sure your pant legs are not too long or too short. If your pant legs touch the ground - they are too long. If your socks are showing; they are too short. - Make sure your suit jacket fits you well, right down to the cuffs. Buy a suit where the material looks good and the overall look screams, "I am professional!" - Shirts should be long-sleeved. - The best colors for shirts are cream or pale blue. - If you know you sweat a lot under pressure, go with cotton shirts. The higher the cotton content, the better the shirt will look. - Make sure your shirt fits the neck properly and that the sleeve cuff ends just at the wrist. - All your interview clothes should be professionally cleaned, pressed and ready to go. Make sure there are no tears, stains or marks on your clothes. When you go in, you are going in at a 100%. There is no sense in losing points as soon as you walk through the door because your suit doesn't look good. - Cheap ties suck. A pure silk tie makes the best impression. It is also the easiest to tie. - Ties should complement your suit, not match it. - No outlandish, flamboyant ties are necessary. - The length of the tie should be extended to your belt. A tie that is too short or long looks ridiculous. Don't do it. - Shoes should be brown or black leather. No other materials or colors are acceptable. - Socks should complement the suit. Even if your pants are the right length, never wear white socks. If you cross your legs, the game is up. - Briefcases always look professional. Just be sure that it is black or brown. A dark-colored briefcase is always best. - Watches should look good. Metals, such as gold or silver look great. Other colors, such as black or navy blue also look good. Never wear a brightly-colored watch. image credit: Shutterstock

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