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Red Hot Fashion: What to Wear in Red


Red has always been a popular color in everything from art to hair. Red is associated with passion, lust, love and energy. Red never goes out of style, though the way red is worn comes and goes. Here are some ways to wear red that are both tried and true and new to you. Lipstick "Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." Gwyneth Paltrow Red lipstick is a classic. It can make you look very glamorous It can brighten up a look in two seconds flat. Not all red fits all. If you really want to wear a red that is for you and you only, visit a cosmetics shop and ask for a little help. Orange-red or reds with more yellow in them are go well with olive or easily tanned skins, which are warm complexions. If you have pale skin, then you have a cooler complexion. You are better to use blue toned reds. Time of day also makes a difference. Choose a saucy but not too flashy red for the office and a dramatic red for a night out. "To me, it's really easy to feel glamorous and beautiful with red lips. It's great because you don't have to do anything else. I don't have to do anything to my face. I can have cleanly washed hair and if I just put on like a matte red lip, it just makes everything seem special." Rashida Jones Dress "Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don't feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn." Marilyn Monroe Nothing is more seductive than a fire engine red dress (except maybe your little black dress!). Long red dresses are stunning and elegant. Shorter red dresses are fun and playful, especially for beach trips, summer parties and warm nights. Red skirts can be a bold accent color for a white and black outfit, or go well with a colorful melange of accessories. Pick something that goes well with your skin tone. "I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red." Maria Sharapova Blouse "Red is the great clarifier - bright and revealing. I can't imagine becoming bored with red - it would be like becoming bored with the person you love." Diana Vreeland Blouses come in all shapes and sizes. Add some red ruffles or red lace for an exotic look. "Red lips and fragrance always top off an outfit for me." Christina Aguilera Shoes For red hot shoes, pick out shiny pumps, stiletto heels. Wearing red shoes with a neutral outfit can really make it more exciting. Do not wear red with more red. It is too loud and can look tacky. Wearing burgundy or a subdued red can really add class without being too bold. Accessories Red can be found in pretty much everything - from jewelry to purses. We have red straps, red faces and great, colorful combos that will make your outfit pop with color. Love red? image credit: Shutterstock

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