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The Best Colors To Wear For Bronzed Skin


Summer is around the corner! Most people, especially on the sun-kissed coasts love to start hitting the beaches and sporting that lovely, golden hue. If you are like them, you will soon be having a healthy glow yourself. Whether you go to a tanning salon or do it the old-fashioned way, sun tans are on your agenda for the summer. Have you thought about what color clothing and accessories will match your lovely bronzed hue? This article will help you show off that tan in the best way possible, by matching your hair and skin color with colors that will make you look your best. Bronzed Beauties with Copper Crowns Want to really look electrified? Try bright yellow - dandelion, lemon and custard yellow. These warm, golden-based hues underscore the yellow tones in your complexion, giving you an extra glow. Salmon and coral highlight your gorgeous auburn hair. Teal, turquoise or cerulean blue contrasts with the yellow in your skin and the red in your hair, making your skin look extra sun-kissed. Blond and Bronzed Blonds are in luck! There are tons of colors that bronze blond bombshells can wear and look great! For a saucy look wear citrus orange and yellows, firetruck reds and warm rust colors. Blonds can also wear nearly any shade of pink. Blue-eyed beauties can wear ocean blue hues mute brassiness that may plague blond hair. White dresses look fab on bronzed blonds. Gold accessories will give blonds that Roman goddess look. A blond bride with a deep golden tan will look especially dreamy in a white wedding dress for a warm summer wedding. Luscious Lips with Tan Skin Picking out a sultry lipstick that looks good on your skin can really make you look glam. There are two types of skin for this: Skin that looks good with pink and skin that looks good with yellow. Use a pink or yellow piece of fabric to decide which one you are. If your skin looks good in pink, choose for red undertones when you buy dark lipstick. If your skin looks better in yellow than pink, pick autumn brown tones when buying dark lipstick. Tip: Add a coat of clear gloss to your lipstick for a shimmery edge to your lipstick. Bronzed Babes and Fab Foundation When picking out a foundation to go with your darkening skin, you don't want to look like you are wearing a mask! Get a loose powder formula for even, light coverage. Get a color a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Make sure you test several colors on your skin. Wear your usual make-up for best results. Check the color in different lighting. Tip: Choose a powder that provides very sheer coverage to enhance your summer look. If you want to get fashion accessories that will rock that tan and your new clothes, check us out. We have a ton of different colors that will match your hue. Plus, they are changeable watches, which means you can switch out your watch faces and straps to get a totally customized look and match that gorgeous new outfit you're wearing. Start looking great in your new bronzed skin.

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