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Ten New Men's Fashion Trends for Under $100


It is time to get ready for summer men's fashion trends. Most guys are busy and summer sort of sneaks up on them. Before they know it, they don't have enough time or money to catch up for summer. Here are some tips to help a guy out - all for under $100. 1. The Striped T-shirt - Stripes are going to be in fashion this summer. You will see a ton of them on beaches on basketball courts and on guys and girls alike. 2. Plaid Shirts - These are great because they can go with just about anything. Wear a solid colored tie and look great at the office. Or wear them with a pair of shorts and look ready for the family barbecue. 3. Colorful Denim - Colors like red, green and royal blue were once faux pas. Now, they are in fashion. These are to be worn by the true fashion gurus. 4. Armani Khaki Shorts - When is Armani not in fashion? When it is cost-prohibitive. Pick up a pair of Armani Khakis for well under one hundred bucks. 5. Tropical-Colored Shorts - From coral to sea green, bright, tropical colors are in for guys this summer as well. Pick from classic plaids to solid shorts. 6. Anti-sweat technology - Summer makes guys particularly sweaty, especially the guys who spend a lot of time on the courts and jogging trails. Look good and cut down on the nasty effects of sweat by getting your hands on custom-wear that deodorizes, cools and repels sweat. 7. Army Camo - Still all the rage, continue this fashion craze by wearing it on denim and or footwear. 8. Brightly-Colored Sneakers - High energy guys deserve to wear high-energy colors, right down to their toes. 9. Low-tone swimwear - While everything else is going bright and colorful, grays and neutrals are infiltrating the swimming pool. 10. Steel Gray Watches with Pops of Color - What makes a colorful watch look classy? Steel gray of course. Combine these two on watches for a dynamic look on your wrist. Speaking of watches, are you looking to look great this spring and summer without spending a lot of green? We have changeable watches that you can mix and match so that you never are out of watches to wear with your new summer duds. Even better, there are lots of gray and color to choose from. We have sets, so that you can buy a series of great-looking mi and match watches to keep you going all summer. Be sure to check out the new spring colors as well. Best of all, if you want a certain color or theme, we are ready to please. We can either create a line of watches based on your suggestion or create custom watches just for you. There is no limit to what you can do. Get working on your summer men's fashion accessories with Modify Watches.

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