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Putting Your Hipster Watch Fashion Look Together


Everyone knows that hipster fashion is all the rage right now. The hipster fashion trends have been popular for a while, but it has been really front and center lately. Even the Grammy's 2012 featured hipster fashion, music, lyrics and lifestyle. The hipster culture is more than just fashion - it is a social and mindset movement. It is about shunning mainstream ideas and being yourself. It is about ditching social norms about fashion and the self and redefining yourself. It is about celebrating what is outside the mainstream - like eating organic food, listening to Indie music and embracing vintage clothing. History of Hipsters The word "hipster" was coined during the jazz age in the 1940's, when "hip" described hard-core followers the growing jazz trends. Unhip means one is not connected to their ambiance and this includes people who consciously oppose being "hip." Eventually the word hip (the adjective) became hipster (the noun). Young white youth of the times embraced and emulated the lifestyle of the African-American jazz musicians. Thus, hipsters were born. The hipster movement is still defined as youth in their late teens through early thirties. The love for vintage items is spilling over into mainstream culture, the most concentration being on places like Pinterest and Instagram. Let's take a look at putting together a hipster look all your own. hipster watch guy The first theme you want to embrace is a very casual look. T-shirts, especially ironic t-shirts are a staple in your new wardrobe. If you want to sport hipster patterns, trying looking at patterns popular in days past, like plaid, paisley, gingham, floral prints and more. For pants, you want jeans, preferably skinny jeans. You can also wear flare bottoms and floral or print bottoms. Hipster style can be pretty, or it can be messy, but it really is a unique, kind of thrown-together look. Hipster Accessories Hipster Accessories really pull the look together. Signature hipster accessories include scarves, knit wool caps, lots of unique jewelry, like necklaces, rings, earrings, and piercings. Steampunk or other vintage jewelry is also popular in the hipster fashion. Another real signature of hipster fashion is glasses. Even people who don't need glasses will wear them. Large, dark frames are the best choice for the hipster look. Because hipster fashion is dedicated to being unique, hipster watches are a growing trend. Changeable watches means you can switch the face and the strap to mix and match looks. This is perfect if you want to keep your look continuously fresh. You can have a new look for your watch every day of the week. hipster watches We have quality watch bands anything from gray to yellow, to match your hipster style. We also have vintage hipster watch faces, like Argyle and Tetris. We have other looks like Wilson, which is a hipster man with a beard on an orange background. We have polka dots faces. We have stripes. We have Domo. Put together your hipster fashion look that you can change daily.

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