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This Sunday Marks 52 Years Since An American Went Into Space


There are some dates in history that are worth knowing about. More and more children are growing up in the world without knowing pivotal events in history. In the 60's the US and Russia were in the middle of the cold war or the arms race. What was this war about? Truth be told, it wasn't a real war, but rather a race or a competition. The two nations were competing to see who could put man in space first. Russia won that that race. In 1961 Americans put their first man into space. Humans are capable of doing the unthinkable. There are new ways of doing things. Mankind has benefited much from the arms race, believe it or not. It elevated our vision and technology. 8 years later man landed on the moon. Since then the US has been preparing for the 2020 moon landing where they will be going for a sustained presence in space. What do you think of that? When it comes to watches, we have changed the status quo and done the unthinkable. Many watch traditionalists would never believe that the market would want a watch that could be customizable and interchangeable. We did it. Additionally, we made them water resistant and slapped on a 3 year warranty.

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