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Fashion Faux Pas You Can Fix and Look Better Instantly


Fashion Faux Pas You Can Fix and Look Better Instantly We would like to think that our clothing are only part of our identity. Yet, the real fact is, what you wear plays a huge part in what other people think of you. Many of us have committed fashion faux pas. However, we want to be vigilant in the kinds of messages we are sending to other people, especially in situations that matter, like first dates, meeting the in-laws, interviews and business meetings. Let's take a look at these fashion "don'ts" that people get wrong all the time. Too many colors Toucan Sam is the only one who can look great wearing lots of loud, bold colors. The rest of us have to hold back on the color collage. You can wear two or three colors that complement each other. Wearing one color, especially a loud color like red, is also a fashion no-no. You can go to your favorite clothing store or fashion mag and see how they put fashion ensembles together. Too many patterns Patterns are great! There can be too much of a good thing, especially with patterns. Patterns can really clash, which is the visual equivalent of listening to four radio stations at once. Pick no more than two patterns. To play it safe, pick a pattern and a solid. Make sure, of course, that the colors of each look great together! Exposed Bra Strap We love to wear certain tops or dresses with spaghetti straps. The problem is those pesky bra straps. Since you shouldn't go without a bra, and nude color bras still show, find a good strapless bra. They are made in all sizes and can really let you wear those strapless tops without worry. Sandals with socks This has got to be one of the oldest fashion faux pas out there. Even women have been known to wear socks and sandals together. Sometimes, people even wear light and dark socks and sandals, which makes them look even worse. This is definitely a timeless fashion don't. Pants That Are Too Short Wearing pants that are is another fashion faux pas. Make sure you get pants that cover your entire leg. If you buy Capri's  make sure they are not too long. They can also look like too-short pants. Going Out with Wet Hair Wet hair represents an incomplete look. It is not has bad as leaving home with hair not brushed, but it is close. If you don't have time to dry your hair in the morning, consider washing it the night before, or spending just five minutes with a blow dryer and a strategically placed brush. Even if you can't completely dry your hair, you can still make it look ready. Too Much Makeup You are better off wearing no makeup than too much. In the 80's, wearing a lot of makeup was a fashion statement. Even so, some people still wear bright blue eye shadow too much rouge, or loud lipstick. Nowadays, women have to be aware of their foundation and make sure it matches and blends with their skin tone. Keeping up with the latest makeup trends should nix the problem of too much makeup. There you have it! The biggest fashion faux pas that you can fix and look that much better - instantly! If you are looking to add new pieces to your fashion ensemble, start shopping. We have changeable watches, making it easy to keep your look fresh daily. Fashion faux pas are a thing of the past.

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