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Building a Basic Work Wardrobe


Building a basic work wardrobe does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. If you are a college student getting ready to graduate, an businessperson who needs to bootstrap everything in your business, or if you just need to update your old wardrobe, read on for tips to update your work wardrobe. Basic Work Wardrobe: Colors Basically when building your work wardrobe, you should start with tried and true colors acceptable in the business casual environment. These colors can go with almost any color and are a great way to build a professional-looking wardrobe. Navy blue - This color goes great as pants, skirts and jacket tops. Black - This color is a classic that can be used in just about everything: jackets, pants, dresses, skirts, purses, watches, shoes, ties, belts, etc. Dark Brown - This color is good for skirts, pants, shoes, belts, purses, and watches. Beige - This color is good for blouses, shirts, stockings, purses and watches. Dark Gray - Gray is great for pants, skirts, purses, and jackets. White - This color is good for blouses, shirts, stockings and watches. Should be used sparingly, because white shows dirt and stains the most. Now that we have seen the best basic colors, let's look at clothing pieces. Jackets - You can have one or two jackets or sports jackets, preferably in a dark color. Pants - Have five pairs of pants that are dark colors, preferably all different colors: Black, dark gray, navy blue, dark brown, and perhaps an olive green or an extra pair of black pants. Skirts - Have one or two skirts, dark colors. Shirts and blouses - The colors for these accessories should be light, like beige, white, pink, light gray, etc. Colors should not be too bright like red, yellow, lime green or neon pink. Jewelry - Gold or silver is always good. Pearls or faux pearls for women, studs for earrings, and small chains work well. No jewelry should ever be too flashy or gaudy. Shoes - Black, dark brown, navy blue flats, pumps or dress shoes are great! Sneakers and walking shoes should be avoided. Belts - Black or brown. Where can I get clothes for building a basic work wardrobe? Look in thrift shops, discount stores, wholesale shops, garage sales, Craigslist. There are really great deals online like eBay, where sometimes you can find clothing lots for sale. Clothing lots also save on shipping. Changeable watches for a professional look on a budget If you want a great bargain on watches and look like you spent a fortune, consider changeable watches. Modify Watches has great-looking professional watches. The have black watch bands and beautiful white, gray, blue watch faces. You can also express your individuality by buying a neutral colored watch band with a tastefully multi-colored watch face. You can pick several watch faces and change up your watch style to match your wardrobe. Check out Modify Watches' great inventory so you can make a great impression in a professional environment.

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