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ModifyWatches Offers Changeable Strap Watches


Looking for a site that sells changeable strap watches? Here at ModifyWatches, we pride ourselves in making it affordable to customize the watch experience. In addition to creating your own watch, you can take a look at the watches we've already put together. How does the shopping experience work? There are 3 phases of watch design. Start creating your own watch here. Step 1: Choose a face  choose face       To me this is fantastic. I can't tell you how many times I've gone watch shopping and I love the face, but not the band. It's usually a pain in the rear to buy the watch and take it to someone else to have the band taken off and replaced with the one you want. Step 2: Choose a strap choose straps       You should know that our straps only come in one type of material: rubber. That means you're out of luck if you want a leather or metal band. We have just about every color you can think of. Step 3: Visualize your creation visualize       Don't pay for any watch until you've played around with it enough. Make sure you get the face and strap that you want! Don't see what you want? We also pride ourselves in listening to you. Our fans use our Facebook page to interact with us. Fans requested all of the following:
  • 1. water resistance capability
  • 2. size: small or classic
  • 3. Derek Jeter watch (apparently our customers love this baseball player)
Come on over to our facebook page and we'd gladly help you. :) Have you ever customized your own watch? If so, what strap and face did you choose?  

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