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10 Things You Didn't Know About Derek Jeter


Today I want to talk about Derek Jeter and share 10 things you didn't know about him. We, over here at ModifyWatches, love Derek Jeter. #10 - Favorite Food Everybody's got a favorite food and Derek's is Chicken Parmesan  Doesn't that look tasty? Maybe you'll see him at Olive Garden eating one. You just never know. #9 - Favorite Snack He'd have to worry about someone stealing his cookies. Hmm, I could go for some right now actually. #8 - Favorite Movie It's a favorite of mine as well. This movie is rated R and not for the faint of heart. Good choice Mr Jeter! #7 - Started his own foundation derek jeter foundation                 Derek Jeter owns his own foundation. It's called Turn 2 Foundation and the purpose of it is to promote healthy lifestyles among youth. #6 - Hobbies outside of baseball Not only does Derek love to golf, he has a golf tournament named after him. It's called the Derek Jeter Celebrity Golf Classic. If you're a celebrity and you golf, you may just get invited to play in it with him. #5 - He lives with Mr Trump Well, not actually. He lives on the 88th floor of the Trump World Tower in New York. It's estimated that he spent around $14 million for this luxurious pad. #4 - He warms up to Mariah Carey Who woulda thought he warmed up to Mariah Carey? We think he's listening to Bye Bye (Baseball) as he's thinking of home runs. What do you think his favorite songs are? #3 - Has his own shoe! As you may already know, Derek is one of the highest paid endorsers in professional sports. He and Jordan worked together to create, what is known as, the 'Derek Jeter 3k Collection'. It was created in honor of his 3,000 + hits. The shoe is a burgundy color and it supposedly represents his high school colors, where he perfected his baseball skills. #2 - He's a movie star Not really, but he was shown in the film 'Anger Management', which aired in 2003. Google it and see him talking to his teammate briefly. Maybe he'll show up in more movies. #1 - He can be seen wearing our watch ;)  We listened to all of the Deark Jeter fans out there and created the Derek Jeter watch. Will you be wearing yours as you watch Derek play this year?

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