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Fire Ball Auction to Benefit ANCS


Blinging in the TimeAll of us at Modify Watches are always on the lookout for ways to support organizations that are doing good in communities across the country. Education is definitely one of these worthy causes. We recently had a chance to donate two sets of interchangeable watches to be auctioned off for the benefit of the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School. The 10th annual “Fire Ball” auction is coming up to help raise funds for the school. You might be wondering why an event for a school would be called a Fire Ball. Well, there is a story and behind the name.  On February 8th, 2003, shortly after the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School opened its doors, the building was destroyed by fire. They had to watch as years of their hard went up in smoke, literally. Despite this tragic occurrence, the school staff persevered and not a single day of school was missed. They said they were able to accomplish this through community support—from people willing to offer time, skills, and resources. The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts; it’s amazing to see what can happen when people work together. Since their difficult beginning, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School has continued to expand. It started as a small elementary school and now serves grades K-8 at two busy campuses. This auction is hoping to fill the gap of recent budget cuts that are another challenge ANCS is facing as they try to meet the needs of their students. If you would like to support ANCS in this year’s goal of raising $1,500 per student to replace the funds lost through budget cuts, you can find out more about this event at The Fire Ball auction is being held on Saturday, March 23rd at the Georgia Freight Depot.  

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