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Spring Forward in Style with Modify's 25-Hour Sale


Good morning ModiFamily, and happy daylight savings! Hopefully you were one of the 83% of people that remembered to set the clock forward one hour before you hit the sack last night. Even if you were caught off guard, by now you have likely realized you lost an entire hour of sleep. So where does that extra hour go anyway? And is there really a point to daylight savings, or is it just an early April Fool’s prank played on the us by the farming industry? Those are deep questions, for which we do not have ready answers. But Modify is here to help you Spring Forward in Style (and Savings)! That’s right, you might lose an hour due to Daylight Savings, but Modify has you covered with an extra hour: YUUUUP, 25-hour sale: 25% off all our Spring timepieces with code SPRINGFORWARD25. modify spring 2013 Show Old Father Time who’s boss with a brand new interchangeable watch. Starting today at 11 a.m. PST get ready to save on Modify’s new spring collection for a full 25 hours…and that is pretty good reason to be a morning person. Don’t worry everything looks better in rose gold, especially when it’s on sale. After you order your new mod, here are a couple other time saving tips courtesy of MSN to help you get a head start on your day: #1: Multi-task. Coffee tastes best in the shower anyway. time saver 1         #2: Make getting dressed easier. time saver 2         #3: Save time cooking breakfast. time saver 3         #4: Don’t waste time searching for keys, put them somewhere you are certain to look. time saver 4         #5: Take advantage of the HOV lane by carpooling with the biebs. time saver 5

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