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Modify Helps Increase your Fashion ROI


It’s easy to see the potential Modify Watches have as a versatile fashion accessory to transform your wardrobe. There are many benefits of an interchangeable watch. Think of a standard watch (you know the ones that have been around since the beginning of time); you buy one watch you have one watch to wear. Bored yet? Buy another. Two purchases later and you still have just two watches to wear. Let’s do the math, seven days every week, an average of thirty days a month, and you have a grand total of two different watches. It’s likely you might want a way to shake things up a little bit. The endless variety of interchangable accessories give you more options to help make the most of your budget. Any good investor will look at ROI (return on investment) before they open their wallet. ROI is used to calculate how much return, or value, you will see on the money used in your investment. We all want to see the greatest benefit from the amount of money we spend; this applies to everything from clothes, to shoes, watches, jewelry, purses, phone cases, and even ties. We love variety! Even Starbucks gets it; they offer over 87,000 possible combinations for your morning cup o’ joe, and that my friends is a lot of variety for espresso. So back to watches, buy two Modify watches and you have four pieces: two interchangeable faces + two rubber watch straps. But instead of having just two fixed accessories, mix and match the pieces from those two Modify watches to get four unique watches to show your colors. This is a great example of increasing ROI. There are literally thousands of dope combinations you can create with Modify Watches. Add another face to your collection and you now have six different watches, all with the purchase of just two straps + three faces = Win. It is easy to modify the faces and straps to create a different look for every day of the week. So what are some of our always amazing ModiFans saying about their interchangeable Modify Watches? And check out the pictures below to see some mix and mod collections. Ba da da da da…we’re lovin it, thank you all for sharing the ModiLove!

“Literally everywhere I’ve gone today, someone has asked me about my cool watch.”

“Loving them soooo much!!!! Totally buying more!”

“I <3 Modify Watches”

“You guys rock. In the past two weeks I’ve placed 2 orders. Both arrived within 2 days and both came with a little something extra. Not only do I love the watches but your customer service is the best. Thanks again.”

“I just got my Modify Watch with Niner colors. Thanks Michelle –and Modify family. Fabulous! Go Niners!”

"Love your watches!!! The ability to customize them is amazing!!! So many combinations just plain awesome! Thank you so much for {inventing} them!!!”

“This Lousiana girl just got her 1st ever Modify order! Couldn’t be happier! From style to customer service ya’ll are awesome!"

modify collections modify 2 modify 3 modify 4modify 7 modify 8 Modify 5 modify 6

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