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Wofford College


ModiFans Unite! Wofford College proudly supports Modify, check out these great screenprints from their website. Teak, their cute resident dog, is also sporting a Domo watch on her collar. We love that even our four legged fans can’t get enough of Modify! We wanted to give a shout out to Wofford College and highlight an exciting event they have coming up tomorrow that will focus on efforts to help students find jobs. If you haven’t yet heard about Wofford College, it is an independent liberal arts school located in Spartanburg, SC. They offer bachelor’s degrees in twenty five areas. Wofford is well known for the programs they offer to help set the foundation for students to continue on to graduate and professional studies. And they have some cool new programs in the works to help prepare undergraduate students to find employment after graduation. These new programs are going to go above and beyond the traditional sources used to help students find jobs at other institutions, such as job boards and resume and editing services. They do things differently than traditional colleges, and in a time where the job market is tight, Wofford College is offering solutions to help students. A little background on their strategy, the team at Wofford has an extensive background in the business world and have achieved success including executive positions in Fortune 50 companies, building global brands, working in international markets, and starting companies and non-profits. This brings a new entrepreneurial edge to the education space that is a great benefit to help students in the job market. It’s clear their philosophy of bridging the gap between theoretical and practical is working. Students are taught to take their classroom knowledge and apply it to real and challenging environments. Just like they'll encounter after graduation. And employers and grad schools recognize this. 94% of Wofford College graduates - 94%! - are employed or in grad school after graduation. “We want to show students that getting an engineering or business degree isn’t the only way to graduate with a high-paying job,” says Jennifer Dillenger, director of the Mungo Center’s career services office. “We counsel students to study what they love rather than worry their major will define their career.” Want to learn more? Wofford College is hosting an invitation only launch party on February 16 to showcase a new name for the Mungo Center programs and launch their new programs. The guest list for the party includes donors, local businesses, community leaders, trustees, alumni and college employees. A business plan competition will also be held during the launch that will feature fourteen student-led companies that will demonstrate social, artistic and commercial projects. If you would like more information on this launch event please contact the Wofford College at 864-597-4260, or check out their website for the unveiling!

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