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Tetris Love Notes


Sticking with the Valentine’s love theme, if you are looking for a creative love note you might take a cue from the game where all the pieces fall into place. If you grew up in the eighties or nineties, and have owned any type of gaming or computing device you know I’m referring to Tetris. Once you start it’s almost impossible to stop, the game goes on and on, begging you to twist another shape and fill just one more hole. Before there was Angry Birds, Tetris was the game of the day. Its popularity is easy to see as Tetris is played in over 185 countries and has sold hundreds of millions of products. In fact, even going back to the original Game Boy days, over 35 million units of Tetris were sold. So you’re probably wondering how Tetris going to help you proclaim your love this Valentine’s Day? Well think back to the feeling when after hours of endless gaming, when you find that one perfect piece that will fall into place and delete rows and rows of stacked blocks. Compare that to the euphoria of finding that one special person, sweet right? Just a thought, but if you plan on recreating this note you may want to consider a drawing that has blocks set up to actually make a Tetris win. Other creative Tetris fans have even brought the game to life by creating custom shelves in the shape of the game pieces. Not bad at all. Modify is also showing a little Tetris love with our custom TETRIS™ Face. The face is completely interchangeable with any of the sweet colored straps from the Modify collection. So you can personalize the look, or go with one of the pre-matched sets. Like our other watches, the limited edition Tetris Face is made to last with scratch-resistant polycarbonate and stainless steel. The straps are made with silicone so have no fear this will be a comfortable, and fashionable, edition to your gaming attire. And hey if you want to come back for more, having a sweet new mod set every month is even easier then advancing levels in Tetris, we promise. Check out our Mod of the Month Club and get a dope new mod delivered straight to your door every month.  

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