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The U.S. Post Office - Our friend and yours


We (well I, Aaron) love the post office. My favorite time of day is when I get to open the little box and see what has arrived. Maybe it's because my mom sometimes sends gluten-free cookies. And maybe it's because sometimes we receive checks in the mail (sometimes). I don't even mind bills because frankly, I like to pay for the things I use. And I love magazines because they imply to visitors that I'm smart and well-read. At the beginning of Modify I used to walk to the post office every single day. My first post office loves were Rico, Tony and Waina at the North Berkeley Station. I competed with Jennifer, who always had more packages. I marked the progress of our business by the number of days/month that we beat her. We didn't progress very fast. Until XMas 2011. $1,400 in postage in one day. We wrote about it and our experience on Steals and Deals. [caption id="attachment_1683" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Waina at the North Berkeley Station"][/caption] In San Francisco we now work with Manuel and Oscar. The latter is pretty grouchy, which is hilarious. And now Michelle handles all of our customer experience work, which means that for the most part, she's the one building those relationships. And I kind of envy her. The U.S. Post Office is amazing. You can put a stamp on a football and write the address there and it will be delivered. You can send anything, anywhere, anytime. Yep, there will be a lost package. And sure, prices are going up faster. But, um, you can send a personal letter to someone 3,000 miles away for $0.45. Celebrate that. The Post Office is probably going to close Saturday mail delivery (packages will still be delivered, so you can still get your watches). I'm not sad, per se. But I do think hope that the cuts stop there. This organization has been critical to the growth of the U.S. The New York Times has a great piece on the history of the Post Office today, I hope you can read and enjoy it.        

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