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Benefits of Silicone Straps


What’s the deal with the silicone straps? In addition to the obvious fashion benefits there are several other reasons to choose silicone to showcase your watch bling. Silicone is a durability material that helps fashion meet versatility. Here are just a few of the benefits of silicone straps. Officially speaking, silicone is a light weight, non-absorbent, rubber-like material. Combine that with the water resistant Modify watch face, and you’ve got a sweet custom watch. You’re good to go. It doesn’t matter if you get your watch wet or spill since the silicone doesn’t absorb liquid, you’ll have no issues wiping it right off. Forget about going through the entire day wearing a soggy leather watch. And even better it won’t smell. Also, you can sport the look of the bigger watch face without having it weigh your entire arm down. Both the Classic and Mini sizes are lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear.  The band is easy to adjust so you don’t have to worry about finding time to go into to a jeweler to have it sized or links removed. Modify watches are also more comfortable to wear than a metal watch. The silicone strap is silky smooth and doesn’t pinch or dig into your arm like metal watch links. Many people have allergies to certain metals and the silicone strap definitely cuts down on metal exposure making it a great choice for its anti-allergy properties. The back of the watch face is made of stainless steel, which is a durable metal that is even used in some medical applications. Those are some of the functional benefits why Modify uses UV coated silicone to create watch straps.  Silicone also has fashion benefits since it can be created in a huge variety of colors giving you the option to pick the Modify watch that fits you. Having an interchangeable watch strap makes it fun to find new ways to mix and match your collection. The Modify 2013 Spring Collection is here, and there are four awesome new silicone straps you won’t want to miss. Black Glitter, Robin’s Egg Blue, Orchid, and Mint are all ready for you to customize. The bright colored Mod sets are a way to showcase your personality through your watch. You can go with bold colors that are sure to be a conversation piece, or tone it down with something more neutral. If you haven’t tried on a silicone watch, you’ll love the difference. Go ahead, be a showoff.

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