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Valentine's Day Gift Guide


If you are a guy, and you don’t know what to give your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, significant other, or your Starbucks Barista (no judgment here) for Valentine’s Day, then you have come to right spot. In order to help you out a little here, let’s just cut the chases and jump to a gift idea everyone is bound to love. Before we go to your one stop shop Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, let’s just throw out a few fun facts on this wonderful holiday:
  • The average number of Valentine’s cards exchanges each year is 180 million.
  • 196 million roses are produced each year for Valentine’s Day.
  • 73% of flowers are purchased by men.
  • 53% of women will end their relationship if they don’t receive a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • The average consumer will spend $116.21 celebrating this holiday, so get out your checkbooks.
Obviously this day is kind of a big deal. Flowers are nice, but unless you Instagram them, I see a few problems. While they are bound to brighten up her desk or kitchen table for a few days, that really isn’t enough time to enjoy the money you spent on a vase filled with roses. The second problem is who is going to see them? I know we are all thinking it, isn’t at least some of the fun of receiving a gift getting compliments on it? Sending flowers is still a great gesture and women do love flowers. There must be something to it, because 14% of women even send themselves flowers on February 14th. However, the average price of a dozen arranged roses from a florist is $73 dollars. I think a lot of us can think of other ways to spend that money rather than on the traditional flowers and chocolates. To help you out, a new interchangeable Modify Watch is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! We’ll make things even easier; here are a couple ideas that are sure to please. The “3-Piece Zebra Set” includes a trendy zebra face in black and white, along with a navy and slate gray strap. Another idea is the “Pulling Your Leg” Mod set, with a classic argyle face and coral strap, great for spring. Really, who doesn’t love getting a new watch? We all love to add a little style to our everyday look and a watch makes a great accessory. There are literally thousands of potential color combos, which makes it easy to pick a face and strap that will be perfect fit for your special someone. And ladies, if you are looking for an out of the box gift idea that he will love, try picking up one of the sport themed Mod sets. We all know what they say, “a rose is a rose is a rose”. If you are looking for something this Valentine’s that shows you looked for a thoughtful gift idea, really take our word on this, nothing says “I love you” better than “Domo in Crimson”.

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