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Super Bowl Highlights


Last night was Super Bowl Sunday, and what a game! Some of the super bowl highlights included an early lead by the Baltimore Ravens, an awesome half time performance by Beyoncé, a thirty minute power outage, and finally a second half rally from the San Francisco 49ers when they almost came back for the win. The 49ers momentum after the power outage turned the game around and almost cost the Ravens their championship. With a final score of 34-31, the winning combo of the 2013 Mod Bowl was the custom Baltimore Ravens black and purple watch. Although my team favorite is still the custom Mod set 49ers watch. Another thing that made this year’s game unique was the Harbaugh brothers. Last season when Jim & John Harbaugh coached against each other, it was the first time in NFL history that two brothers faced off as head coaches. So it was no surprise that when both their teams, the Ravens and 49ers, were headed to the Super Bowl, the brothers made history again. It is pretty cool that out of only 32 people in the USA that coach NFL teams, two of the coaches are brothers, and then they both made it to the top of their profession to the Super Bowl. Whether or not you are a fan of football, you gotta love all the entertainment that comes along with the big game. According to Bloomberg, the cost of the average thirty second ads this year was an astounding $3.6 million! That makes for some commercials you don’t want to miss. The Go Daddy ad with the supermodel kissing a stereotypical nerd is topping social media polls today for the worst commercial. But it just goes to show maybe there really is no such thing as bad publicity since the ad did its job of capturing viewer’s attention. One of my favorite ads was the Joe Montana miracle stain commercial for Tide. This was a funny ad that did a great job incorporating both teams into a storyline that fit the product. Another good one was the Viva Young commercial for Taco Bell. The Taco Bell commercial took the hit song “We are Young” and roughly translated it into Spanish using Google Translate. This was the background for a group of fun loving seniors and their night out. Speaking of pop songs making a debut, let’s not forget to mention the Pistachio commercial set to “Crackin’ Gangnam Style”. A creative twist on a song that, love it or hate it, doesn’t seem to be going away anytime time soon. If you watched the game, let us know what some of your favorites were.  

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