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The British Are Coming, the British Are Coming!!!!


Phew. That was fun, huh? 3 weeks of voting, all capped by an incredible final that saw over 200 votes. We loved this experience so much, we wish there were another election coming up that took even longer and wasn't free, but rather cost each side over $100m to run! Soooooo, before we reveal the winner, what's happened so far? Over 1,000 Facebook votes by the ModiFamily and 200+ Instagram votes. Not to mention over 1,000 votes in the play-in round where we whittled down a bajillion design ideas for colorful watches to a bracket of just 16. Along the way we created terms like "Schweet 16"; "Modlite 8"; and "Final Four" (all trademarked by Modify Watches, 2012). We also learned that France may have the same colors, but definitely not the same love as the U.S.A. And that no number of first cousins could "earn" Nigeria the crown. So what happened in the finals? Well, as of now, over 50,000 people have seen the post. Compare that to our Bronze Mod-al Match between Ireland and Brasil with 2,000 folks. (BTW, Ireland won. Barely. By, like, a teeny-tiny amount. And in a stunning turn of events The British won the Gold Mod-al.

COME ON PEOPLE. DON'T LET GREAT WATCH DESIGN BY ASHIL PARAG OUTWEIGH YOUR PATRIOTISM!  WHAT IS THIS? ARE WE JUST ALL MAJOR HUGH GRANT FANS???? [if that's the case, then yes indeed, we at Modify support GB] See you in four years.

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