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Chris Cheng and Modify Watches – The History


Chris Cheng is the winner (read: Top Shot!) on History Channel’s Top Shot this season.  Cheng is also a friend (Top Friend?) of Modify’s CEO Aaron Schwartz. Their serendipitous friendship began when Chris randomly met Aaron…but before getting into that story, here’s the skinny on Chris. After winning the $100,000 prize on Top Shot and earning a professional shooting contract with Bass Pro Shops, Chris Cheng left his day job at Google to turn his hobby into a profession. He’s been keeping busy with his newfound fame and fortune and very soon, he’ll visit Bass Pro shops across the U.S. (check out his website for more details! –].  He looks forward to meeting new people and interacting with customers around the world. Cheng says that being an entrepreneur, building a personal brand, and starting something new is exciting. Even the stress is exhilarating, and he’s thriving under the pressure to succeed. As part of the ModiFamily, you should be able to follow his story on FacebookTwitter, YouTube, and Google+. So check him out, he’s super cool. Trust us. [caption id="attachment_1378" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Chris Cheng, a man you definitely want as a friend...or else. But really, he's a nice guy!"][/caption] We invited our longtime friend to the refreshed ModiHQ to catch up, have a look around, and possibly shoot one of our new hires from 95 feet. (He checked his gun at the door). Chris recalls… “Two years ago, I was at Zeitgeist, a great bar in the Mission District of San Francisco where I was having drinks with friends.  As I was walking home, there was a group of girls excitedly taking pictures of some guy modeling against a tree. I couldn’t tell if they were more interested in him, the dope watch on his wrist, or maybe even just the tree.” The guy turned out to be none other than Aaron, our CEO of Modify. Chris, drawn in by this commotion, struck up a conversation with Aaron. “[Aaron] was wearing a Modify watch and I was curious” Aaron then told Chris about the company, and it turned out that Chris loves watches.  When Chris first met Aaron, Modify still had its v.1 name, Swap Watch. Aaron then handed over a business card and told him that the website was getting ready to launch. Chris then went and made Modify history when he  purchased the first kitchen sink (that’s one of EVERYTHING at Modify). [caption id="attachment_1379" align="aligncenter" width="273" caption="Chris Cheng after cycling, a favorite activity at Modify!"][/caption]

So what caught Chris’ eye? He loved the concept, the simplicity and how easy it was for people to get excited about. Chris was all about the customizable watches, the different colors, the different designs and the potential of the product.

After purchasing the kitchen sink, someone at Google (where Chris worked) noticed the watch. And pretty soon, Google also ordered custom watches (we’re now on the 8th version of custom watches with Google) and the rest is history.

Fast forward 18 months and you will see that Modify and Chris have both had remarkable changes in their lives. Still, Chris Cheng took the time to check out Modify’s HQ to pick up a few more new watches for his kitchen sink collection.  As he shopped he said, “it’s like drinking water from the source”. You’re always welcomed to have a drink with us at Modify.


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  • Hi Craig,

    You can actually see a version of the Google watches here: Pretty cool, huh? Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see :)

    Modify on

  • It would be dope to see pictures of the Google watches.

    Craig on

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