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Louisville2013 Cyclocross & Modify Watches: Are you Tough enough?


In February of 2013, in the great city of Louisville, cyclocross will take over the sporting world.  And Modify Watches is going to help.  Starting today, you can get your Louisville2013 Modify customized watch set on our website. You might think "cyclocross" sounds like a sport that involves unicycles and jousting or maybe cross-country moped races.  You would be mistaken.  Cyclocross is a combination of bike racing, steeple chasing and cross-country racing, with a hint of guerrilla warfare.  Cyclocrossers are so tough that for lunch, they actually eat people who just finished eating the breakfast of champions.  That's pretty tough. And these athletes are converging for Louisville2013, which is the UCI World Cyclocross Championships that is being held in the US for the first time ever. EVER. Modify Watches - Cyclocross - Louisville2013 We at Modify think we're pretty tough dudes too.  We take naps with no nightlight.  Sometimes we eat peanut butter sandwiches with no jelly.   WE MAKE RUBBER WATCHES (now that's tough!!!).  Are you picking up what we're putting down here?  Well put it back down because we're intimidating too.   But we're not cyclocross tough.  No way. However, thankfully our watches are cyclocross tough.  As you well know, Modify makes awesome sports watches.  With water-resistance to 3ATM, scratch resistance and a flexible silicone strap - we're all a cyclocrosser needs to tell that it's time to crush it.  The set comes with a yellow and blue strap and an sweet-looking commemorative Louisville2013 face.  To buy, simply click here, or go to our website and click on "sets".

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