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Introducing Exergy 2012 Women's Cycling Team - Because Modify Watches Only Partners with Awesome


Last week, we announced that we were partnering with the Exergy Twenty12 Professional Women's Cycling Team.  We would like to believe that the blogosphere and Twitterverse simultaneously ignited in a unified global discussion of Exergy TWENTY12's chances at glory this year, or at least debate in how wearing a Modify Watch while cycling can significantly enhance performance due to the magical quality of fresh watches fabulosity. But we are not internet accountants. We are Modify Watches.  We sell interchangeable watches.  We sell a belief that expressing your individuality (or possibly even your collectiveness) is best done with a scandalously delicious rubber watch on your wrist.  And possibly with flip flops on.  We are Modify Watches - and that's pretty okay.  That said, on the off chance we were internet accountants, we'd start by following Exergy on Twitter (@ExergyTWENTY12) and their GM  Nicola Cranmer (@nicolacranmer), and frequenting their blog. In all of the excitement and hullabaloo (a cycling technical term, of course) of our announcement, we realized that we left out a few key details.  Like who are these women?  And how come when I say the words "Exergy Twenty12" do I all of a sudden smell the sweet scent of victory? Let's try and answer those questions.  First of all, the Exergy Twenty12 UCI Professional Cycling Team is an amazing set of professional cyclists from around the world, brought together to dominate the women's cycling tour.  Don't believe us?  Here are 11 of the elite 16 (the missing five are invisible only in pixels, but dominant in reality): [caption id="attachment_1171" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Roll Call!!! Members of the Exergy Twenty12 Cycling Team. Notice the focus. Why are they smiling? Because they know they could crush you on two wheels."][/caption] One of the amazing stories among many on this team is that of 2008 Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong.  As you might have guessed, Kristin is a cyclist.  She's also really good at it.  Just to prove it, what do you think she did between her 2008 gold and her bid for gold in 2012?  If you said lay on the couch, munch some Cheetos and watch all 10 seasons of Family Guy... you are... wrong... we think (we have not yet verified that this is false, but feel pretty good about our conclusion).  Nope, while other gold medalists were off gold medalisting (we were told that you'll know what that means when you get one), Kristin decided to start a family and had a son, Lucas, in September of 2010. [caption id="attachment_1173" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Kristin Armstrong of Exergy TWENTY12 - She races bikes, she wins gold medals, she has a baby, she goes after more gold medals, and of course she wears a Modify Watch. What's not to like?"][/caption] After having her son, she was back on the bike racing competitively five months later.  And now, a year and a half later, she's ready to take on the London 2012 Olympics.  Read more about her incredible story here. So as you can gather, Modify Watches is pretty darn proud to partner with Team Exergy.  We look forward to following them along their season this year and hopefully spreading some great news about victories, glory and championships, with a Modify on board for the ride. [caption id="attachment_1185" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="World class athletes + lovely ladies + Modify Watches = GLOBAL DOMINATION"][/caption]  

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