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The Sports Watch of 2012 - Because Modify Watches Likes Sportz


There are many elements of a fine time piece that can make it appropriate (or "appropro" as we use at Modify HQ) or not appropriate ("nopropro") for your sporting needs.  For example, a watch with a strap made of ramen is likely not the choicest of choice time pieces for all of you lagoon divers out there.  On the other hand, a high quality rubber strap with a removable water resistant face (3ATM) is not only awesome looking Modify'd sweetness, but also the sports watch of 2012. [caption id="attachment_1016" align="aligncenter" width="974" caption="A Modify Watch is the champagne of sports watches, except unlike champagne, Modify won't cause you to feel a little gassy, possibly make out with your ex and wake up with a wicked hangover. So... yeah, maybe just grab a Modify and go easy on the champagne."][/caption] Why did we bother making a sports watch, rather than, um... a waffle iron?  Well, Modify is filled with a bunch of bad-ass sports legends like the Lonely Island dudes in the video above.   That, and it sucks always having to take your watch off when doing anything slightly athletic (like golf or competitive eating) or that may involved significant amounts of sweat (like golf or competitive eating). If you also want your sports watch to actually have sports on the face... we got that too.  We currently sell a Brian Wilson watch, Derek Jeter watch and also Cal watch.   More importantly, we got plenty more new face designs on the way. Lastly, if you want to be triple sure that a Modify is the right fit for you're sportastic endeavor, check out or FAQs or just holler at Aaron (

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