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Cool, techie gifts. We guess :)


Modify seems to be picking up a little steam in the Tech community, as a cool techie gift. We often refer to ourselves as the "lowest-tech startup in the history of the Bay Area". We'd love to say Silicon Valley, but we're based in Berkeley, so just outside. Still, there are some pre-tty great tech companies in the East Bay: Pixar, Clif Bar, Pixar, Modify, Pixar, etc., Pixar. Besides our recent feature in The New York Times, we've been covered by a few other tech savants. Links + reviews below. When looking for techie gifts, who knew you didn't need to buy Apple peripherals??? The Gadget Site: Modify's most factual review yet points out that: "You can choose from a big face and an even bigger face. Then you can choose the color of the face along with different colored straps. The watch face is removable so you can mix and match colors." Thank you for clarifying! The Gadgeteer: An honest review, liking our watches and professing confusion about our use of a certain four-letter-word: "Their packaging states the watches are ” Fashionable, Flexible, Modifiable and Dope”.  I have no idea what the last term means." It means, um, cool, well more than that, kinda like awesome but neater than awesome, for the in-crowd, but not exlusionary... you know, dope! [caption id="attachment_933" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Techie gifts in a box... kind of like the song"][/caption] The Watch Dude: We are indeed Fresh! "Modify Watches offers a fresh approach to the wrist watch.  It would be very easy to develop a collection of expressive interchangeable faces and colorful bands." [caption id="attachment_931" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="A small techie gift!"][/caption] The TechnoFiles: We'll take all of your compliments, kind sir. "So I checked it out and I just couldn’t believe what I saw.  A rainbow of both color and style options to choose from.  Large face (Classic Style) and regular face (Mini Style) to start with, then I can choose what type of color I want the face to be.  From there I can choose my wristband color and with every choice a new name for the design.  I must say I am a huge fan to the obscure movie references they give some of the names.  Not only that they even allow their online community to choose the next color and name of the watch.  How awesome is that for showing love to your customer base." Geek Alerts: can we charge more for these techie gifts??? "…from our limited time with them [Modify Watches] seem to be very durable. Personally I feel $40 for a watch that is fun, water resistant, and feels really comfortable, is a good value. I have seen other bands of silicone watches on the market that sell for a lot more and I don’t feel they offer the same comfort and fit as the Modify Watch does. Take a look at the Modify Watch website to learn more and see what designs are right for your lifestyle. [caption id="attachment_929" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="if this isn't a techie gift, what is?"]Techie Gift![/caption]    NBC Bay Area: Besides talking about techie nerd-dom, there's a pre-tty sweet takeaway line: "(Note: I would be remiss if I didn't point out that a search on Google for Google watches did not offer up the link to buy the watch in the Google Store . I'm sure they are tweaking the algorithm as we speak.)"

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