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Modify in The New York Times!


One of the joys of the Internet is sometimes you can impress your mom. Aaron did just that when The New York Times online edition called him "Mr. Schwartz". Clearly David Freedman, the author, knows adults when he meets them... Modify was recently featured in the Times, in an article titled, "Turning Facebook Followers into Online Focus Groups". The article is about Modify's use of the Napkin Labs platform to gain insights from our community. This, of course, is on top of the amazing work of our ModiFamily on Facebook. A lot of you have participated in our Modify Lab. Napkin Labs is all about generating insights... and you helped with some of the topics below! We've asked for feedback on what to name our watches; where to sell our watches, what to do in the future when people are too good for watches, like these guys [caption id="attachment_895" align="aligncenter" width="495" caption="Where. Is. My. Modify."][/caption]   Why should you care? Well, first of all, The New York Times is a pretty important newspaper. It's, like, the paper of recording, or something. But more importantly, Mr. Freedman does an exceptional job of cutting through Modify's Baloney. He tells it like it is
  1. Modify is about a cool, yet affordable choice in wrist-wear: 
    1. Mr. Freedman: "Rather, he was looking to capture a younger, cooler buyer who would want a watch with aggressively hip designs, that could be worn swimming, and — this being the age of everyone wanting everything their way – that could be customized. “You can buy a great watch for $1,000 but a hundred bucks can get you nine different watches,” said Mr. Schwartz, referring to the fact that his watch faces and straps can be mixed and matched."
  2. We care about your feedback... we know that we're building watches for you
    1. "'We’re not craftsmen, we’re just good listeners' — listeners to customers, that is."
  3. Napkin Labs is dope!
    1. "Napkin Labs seems fairly unusual in creating something akin to the focus-group experience online"
  4. We have a cool new "techie" watch coming. First image is below...

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