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Packaging - the beast that is...(Part II)


Guest Writing - Ashil (Creative Guy) Parag! Package design is about the nuances. It's about the objectives, messaging, strategies and company voice all coming together to touch the consumer. All the emotive triggers of the brand come together in this exact moment to speak to the consumer. In just a few pivotal moments, the package need to excite, communicate, and engage the casual passer-by to simply pick up the product. It's the ultimate test for Modify to stand on its own two feet and act as the brand ambassador. There is a science to package design. Did you know that most products in the market have less than 3 seconds to grab someone's attention. Coupled with the fact that over 65% of purchasing decisions are made at the retailer, the package design has an immense responsibility. Great package designs accomplish 3 objectives: sell the product, protect the product, and preserve the integrity of the product. There isn't an absolute when it comes to purchase-decision patterns, but one of the most instrumental decisions a company makes is how to develop intelligent and relevant packaging solutions. We're not gonna bore you with all the details of our work, but here are a few images taken during Modify's retail package development hours:   say hello to Matt and Philip. These gents were brought in to lend expertise in the field of retail packaging and POP. putting together an index of 'global truths' to abide by as we thought through ideas. when you see Modify in the stores, you'll be able to say to folks,'i knew Modify when they were just ink on paper.' :)             The packaging culture has changed drastically over the past few years. It was in the past that companies solely based their packaging solutions on cost. The most cost efficient approach usually guided company's decisions on packaging. It's only within the past 5 years (or so) that companies have begun to recognize the power of packaging. In this consumer climate, more so than ever, it's about igniting the interests of the purchaser. And thats exactly what we're trying to do. We want you to be excited about Modify Watches. We want you to feel adrenalized from the moment you learn about us, through and through getting one on your wrist and building your collection. Call just came in from the sideline. Modify. Set. HUT HUT...

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