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Packaging - the beast that is...(Part I)


Guest Writing - Ashil (Creative Guy) Parag! Product packaging is a beast (and not this kind...). Successful package design is the same as a running back hitting the hole on 3rd and long from the opposite 20 and going for 6. So many incredible nuances have to take place in the exact moment for that TD to look effortless. Offense lines up in the I-formation. The running back takes center stage and the secondary has no idea what’s about to rock their world. The QB takes his place under center and a hundred things are put into motion. HUT HUT…Both the left guard and left tackle take the inside angle and hit their blocks on the line. The center intentionally misses his block to pick up the linebacker barreling down from off scrimmage. The right guard comes off the snap and quickly hits his inside block. The tight end lines up off scrimmage to pick up the zone linebacker. In the matter of a half-second, the QB as if spring loaded snaps around to get the ball snug in the belly of the back. The back shifts his weight to the plant food, whips his hips, and gets in position to hit his angle. He follows that angle and explodes through his tackles. A tight end block to get past, and it's open field after that. One more shift of the hip and BAM, turns on the jets into the secondary. 1 part raw athleticism, 1 part killer instinct, 1 part creativity = 6 on the scoreboard. What exactly does this have to do with be continued (Thursday)...    

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