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A website fit for a Modify Watch


When Modify launched in 2010, we built our first site for free. It included static pictures, bad jokes, and a little bit about the team. Everyone seemed to love it. The jokes were bad but plentiful, so eventually you could find something you found funny.

When we launched the first full Modify line in December, we wanted to create a more dynamic page. The idea behind it is below, and then you can see the full realization. Please note, I use PowerPoint for everything because I am a nerd

So, what have we learned? People LOVED the first site because it was cute/funny, and they LOVED the second site because it was interactive.

Version 3.0 will be out soon. We *think* we've done a good job of combining the best of both worlds. Let us know what you think, we're looking forward to your feedback and making it anything-but-lame. Here's a sneak-peak

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