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The List: Org. All for Modify


(By: Liz Callahan!) I saw a preview the other day for a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie, which seems to be about a woman who manages her hectic life using a to-do list. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about this, but since I started at the dopest company around - Modify - this concept seems much more personal. I have always been an organized person, and I attribute it to my mother’s whiteboard in our kitchen when I was growing up. On this board, our lives were written out in her slanted script (much nicer than my writing, which was once described by a West Point instructor as: Arabic written while riding in a helicopter). I knew where to be, when to be there, and how I was getting there via her system. I also knew what we needed at the grocery store and when it was time to: Org. All. In my mother’s code, that means Organize All. As a child, I never thought about the phrase; I figured it meant something along the lines of: pay the bills, get the kids a haircut, and go through our clothes for stuff that didn’t fit. However, as an adult and a user of to-do lists, I realize it means the time has come for a full organizational overhaul. Getting to Modify, Aaron looked to me for just this. In fact, I just finished outlining all of the checklists required to manage our operational flow. This ability to take an operational task, break it down into components, and understand the subtasks necessary to accomplish it seems to be engrained in my soul. And, I like it. Maybe that is why I enjoyed the process of starting-up a helicopter when I was a pilot, maybe it is why I get a sense of satisfaction checking items off my personal to-dos, or maybe it is why I find excel to be such a useful tool. It is the ability to Org. All which allows me stay focused on the small stuff needed to accomplish the overall mission. The devil is in the details – and with The List, you never miss them. So thanks Mom – lesson learned – and Modify's becoming more efficient every single day.

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