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The ModiFamily is Modi-listened-to (sorry, I'm bad at title-writing)


The members of our team have had some pretty cool life experiences
  • Medevac pilot in a Blackhawk helicopter
  • Worked in a vending machine company (fun fact: every snack in the world is owned by Frito Lay / Pepsi)
  • Club promoter
  • Worked at AIG before they needed a $200m bailout...
One thing we haven't done before is build watches. The closest we've come to watches before 2010 was a quick visit to Greenwich, in East London.
[caption id="attachment_253" align="aligncenter" width="205" caption="GMT is not just a made-up-term!"][/caption]
Enter: You, our ModiFamily. As we help you build a collection of Modify Watches, it's critical that you tell us what colors you want. What designs you abhor. What jokes make you giggle (this one is less relevant to the watch designs). Ashil has written about our design philosophy, but one thing we want to emphasize: We rely on you to tell us what colors you want next. Speak up on our Facebook page or over email. So far, we've learned
  • What you want our next watch design to look like (here)
  • What color straps you like best (white!)
  • That your favorite Haiku about Modify is

So Many Colors. Combinations Compliment. Your Changing Lifestyle.

Our mantra is that we will not stop designing watches until you complete your collection. So if you really want that pink polka dot watch or that Yankees watch (boooooo), let us know.

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