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Designing dope watches (the process behind Modify Watches version 2.0)


Cut out the fat!. (patience my friend, we'll get to why i opened with that…) As you may or may not know, Modify Watches delivers super-stylish DOPE watches for corporate partners! In our short tenure, we have designed watches for Fortune 500 companies, mom and pop operations, marketing firms, collegiate conferences, affluent rest-runt (that's how southerners pronounce restaurant) groups, and tech giants. I can't let the cat outta the proverbial bag, but we've got some really really REALLY cool new partnerships about to launch with Modify 2.0. Regardless of all those wonderful corporate partners, our passion is celebrating YOU. Designing watches for you, our faithful ModiFamily, is what makes us tick (pun intended). My brother is one of my biggest fans, and he's always asking how design gets to a finished product. He's always more fascinated with how we got there. So inspired by my brother Amit, we're gonna do a little story telling through pictures. Earlier this year, Modify announced that we are working on a new product line (sleeker design, two size options, water resistant, and scratch resistant). So in March we began the ideation process for the new design for the faces. If you haven't read our previous blog on 'process', please do so HERE. (it's fancy) After the initial think-tanks and brainstorming sessions, we were ready for the digital canvas. The following image sequence reflects the chronology of graphic elements and arrangements that ultimately guided the final product: [caption id="attachment_248" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="A bajillion choices"][/caption] While this doesn't represent the full gamut of designs, it helps tell the story. Some of these representations have obvious difference, while others have slight nuances. Elements transferred from one to the next, and the concept evolved. Great design happens when elements that seem trivial and insignificant, aren't dismissed. In the end, the ModiFamily chose this as the gold medalist: (literally picked by the Modify fan base and community on our Facebook Page) [caption id="attachment_245" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Modify Watches version 2.0 Custom Watch Design!"][/caption] And so to pick up where we came in... after ideation, edits and evolution, the most affective design came through when all the fat was cut out. No internal clamoring about what people would like, no deep dives into consumerism. None of that was important. The only thing that mattered, was what YOU wanted. We removed ourselves from the final push and allowed our community to tell us what you were excited about. We like to do that here at Modify. Get rid of the noise! Do away with all the static that consumes other companies. As a matter of fact, if we ever lose sight of that, please slap us around a little bit!. We want to stay true to that, so if you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions that helps cut out the fat at Modify, we're all ears! Because in the end, we want to celebrate YOU. and if i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight. _Ashil Creative Guy

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