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Modify Creative Guy Ashil Parag says "Hello friends", teaches you how to design dope custom watches


Hello Modifamily,
This is Ashil, the creative guy at Modify.
[caption id="attachment_212" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Ashil and his wife Sejal (aka Modify's favorite model)"][/caption]
I thought i'd take some time away from the drawing boards and give you a little insight to the design process here at our studio.
The question most asked is, why do i design?
Remember when you were a kid and there was nothing more rewarding than solving a mystery? It's why we woke up on saturday mornings, ran down in our pajamas, turned it to channel 33 (which was our nickelodeon, back when there weren't 400 channels of 'get ripped quick'). Scooby and the gang were first on the block before Ghostbusters. Even as a child i figured out the model. They introduced a random store clerk-type character at the beginning of the show and thats who turned out to be the pesky perpetrator. Yet when Scrappy chased him down, and they ripped off the mask, it was a big, 'ah ha' moment! WE FIGURED IT OUT!..What i would have given to be cruisin around in that awesome VW Mystery Machine!
[caption id="attachment_208" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My other ride is a bicycle"][/caption]
A few years later we outgrew Scooby Doo, but then Encyclopedia Brown hit the scene! This really took it to the next level. The premise was this kid who solved cases that even cops couldn't touch! They were short stories laced with plot, twists, evidence and clues. There would be a moment when the story ends and Encyclopedia Brown would be sitting at the kitchen table with his dad, and he'd close his eyes and solve the case! WOW!! I was completely vexed. I'd flip to the back of the book and read how he solved it!…Yet again, another 'ah ha' moment. A personal victory!
Now fast forward 20 years…The circumstances have shifted slightly, but designing is the act of solving problems.
That's why i design. Because solving problems means exploration. And exploration leads us into the future. And if my evil high school geometry teacher was right, that if A=B and B=C, then solving problems = moving into the future. I'd like to believe that's precisely what we're doing here at Modify. We're being a next-generation company!
[caption id="attachment_214" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I hope they still sell m&ms there!"][/caption]
The process requires collaboration with the entire team. And our team consists of not only the Modify staff, but the partners/clients we serve. There's a common misconception that the only thing designers do all day is play with colors. WRONG… [editorial note: Ashil does play with colors sometimes]
What is my design process for creating custom watches at Modify?
  1. Define the problem -  understand the parameters of what's controllable, and what's not. Establish global truths that allow us to visualize that problem from different perspectives. [editor: obviously]
  2. Understand what objectives we find 'victorious.' Basically answering the question, what does the finish line look like?
  3. Collect data, and fill the basket up with ideas about how to get from step 1, defining a problem, to step 2, getting to the finish line.
  4. Implement and filter all the relevant information into working models and prototypes.
  5. Solicit feedback and human reaction from the entire team. It's important to approach the proposed models from internal and external environments. (people that are intimately connected, and those that have no emotional connection or knowledge.)
  6. Once we've absorbed all that feedback, we have to build out feasibility models. What this means, is that while the prototypes may have yielded strong positive reactions, we have to consider variables such as production, timelines, costs, and impact.
  7. Outline a balanced approach to move forward based on art direction and feasibility factors. (this means educating the entire team and providing insight for the most desirable activation.)
  8. This process point may be the most important. Stay lean and have the ability to adapt with a contingency in the event that activation requires tweaking.
  9. The final piece is to self-educate. Learn what worked, and what didn't. Always ask why and continue to learn. Then apply.
not as elementary as playing with colors all day huh:)
[caption id="attachment_213" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sneak peak at our new packaging design"][/caption]
If you haven't taken anything else away from this, please remember: If there's ever a casting call for an Encyclopedia Brown blockbuster, please let me know so i can send in my head shot. Who better to play the role of Encyclopedia Brown, than a brown man!
My high school geometry teacher is evil.
_the creative guy
p.s. if you want to read a *great* article on design, please check out this link at Design Times

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