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[just copying/pasting from our newsletter. You can sign-up within the actual email:] Hi Team, Happy Anniversary: we made our first sale one year ago!!  Gary and I started this company on a whim. We thought we had a cool product and wanted to build a company around 1) Fun and unpretentious fashion 2) Service. We want to be that rare product company that knows you and what you want. With your help providing feedback through email, calls and Facebook, I think we've started down that path. There's a lot more to do. Get excited. Future First
  • Modify 2.0 is due in about 6 weeks. The watches will be water-resistant, scratch-resistant, thinner, doper, and...come in two sizes :)
  • Until then, we'd like to give you every opportunity to fill out your collection with those faces and straps from our current collection that you love. Please use "ModifyFriend" (our family/friends discount) for 20% off any purchase
  • Look out for more deals on our Facebook page and on Twitter 
  • I've been blogging. Updating about 2x / week, and sharing both the history of Modify as well as insights into our creative, customer service and business processes
Where We've been
  • Nearly 1,000 individual customers - THANK YOU
  • ~250,000,000,000,000,000,001 (bajillion) different watch combinations named, including Hipster Ballerina, Bar Fight, The Count of Mod-e Christo, Pinky and the Brain, etc. etc. etc. 
  • 2,000+ Facebook fans... some are quirky, some are hipsters, some are 
  • $1,000 spent at coffee shops (bootstrapping meant no office space; it also means that my socks have holes in them)
  • 10,000 watches designed for companies and organizations (including UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business - see the header image)
  • Built a great partnership with Juice in the City
  • Had a kick-butt music video made for us
  • Expanded our team from 2 to 7
  • My mom is proud
Thank you again. Get ready for 2.0, it's going to be faaaaaaaaaaan-tastic Aaron Director of Player Personnel  
Alissa and Modify


Alli is one of your favorite ModiFamily members! Always sharing her Modify lifestyle with the world. Thank you Alli!
Modify celebrates 7 years of Facebook

Modify & Facebook

Modify is thankful for all of it's partners. Here Modify helped Facebook celebrate their 7th anniversary by designing watches that were distributed to all of their employees!
Modified UP music video

Modified UP

Thanks to Carlton, Joshua, Bobby, and their entire ATL crew for producing a music video for Modify. We aspire to inspire, and be inspired like YOU!
Modify 2.0

Modify 2.0

We will be releasing the new watch design which was chosen by the ModiFamily. Thanks for all your votes, and we're excited about rockin' the new look with you soon!

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  • David,

    Thanks for the question, and you’re correct that we’re discontinuing 1.0. We considered extending the line, but we’re moving to the new line for two main reasons

    1) We had a ton of feedback about adding water-resistance and improving the face material to make it more scratch-resistant
    2) We have issues with the buckles and the strap material with the current product. This leads to a ton of waste

    We spend a lot of time doing Quality Control – we’re upgrading so that our product to be 100% right when it comes from our factory, and right now it’s just not there.

    We’re also going to make the transition easy… watch this space and your mailbox :)



    Aaron on

  • Does this mean that the current design will no longer get updates? We have to start all new collections?

    David on

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