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Hot Watches, Part Deux


We had our first sale on July 15, 2010. Truth be told, we did pretty well in the first few weeks. Exciting, but dangerous, as I immediately starting planning to defer my expected full-time job. I’ve always been an entrepreneur-at-heart. I started my first “venture” at age 12 when my best friend and I put money into a bank account every month ($5?) in the hopes of raising towards our future baseball card store, “AAA cards” (he’s Andrew, I’m Aaron). Soon after those first sales and feeling good, Gary and I headed to an advisory board meeting at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (we'd just graduated and the entrepreneurship center felt bad for us...). We laid out some watches and the advisers looked at them, played with them, and actually talked with us. We'd made sales ($2,000 in 2'ish weeks) and had started talking with the Pac-10 about creating a custom watch for them. Then they asked us about our plans. Gary was 100% committed to moving to South Korea and taking a prestigious strategy job with Samsung. I was really excited about returning to consulting (great people, great work, great pay), but couldn't resist saying that I'd like to run Modify Watches (still called the Swap Watch!) full time. After we talked further about how to grow the business, one adviser finally said, "I'm not going to tell you to quit your job, but...". The implication was clear. We might have something great; the worst case scenario is that I would lose out on some savings, I could always fight to get back into consulting in a year. I deferred my job for 6 months Two small side notes
  1. Gary and I both wore jeans and a grey button-down to that first meeting, we were like Step Brothers. It was pretty awesome.
  2. Regarding of my first "entrepreneurial" venture (we stopped saving for the baseball card store after 6 weeks I think)… Drew, having finished business school at Harvard just quit a pretty high-profile finance job and is spending his time in Las Vegas playing in the World Series of Poker. Kind of hoping he loses bad so that he’ll come and join our team.
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