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Mobarick Abdullah III - A Colorful Way of Expression


Mobarick Abdullah III was always drawing on things and putting his drawing in little art shows at school when he was a kid. His friends and teachers always seemed to like what he did, so he pursued classes and even graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. But that was more of a graphic design background.

Mobarick really started painting in the style we see now about four year ago. "I think I was a little depressed or something at the time, and my girlfriend brought home some blank canvases and paint and was like, "they're here if you want them." I think she knew an artist would have a hard time leaving a stark white canvas in the corner."

Mobarick Abdullah III

Mobarick started with a smaller canvas and really liked what he created. So, he just started painting bigger and bigger and added more and more color: "and it really started blowing my friends away". Later that year (2012), he decided to push himself as a professional artist and see how far he could go with it. Four years later, he is pretty happy with how everything has turned out so far: "Now, I'm ready for the "next level."

Mobarick Abdullah III


What inspires you?

I like beautiful things. Living at the beach, there are beautiful things all around me. I also get to travel quite a bit. In the last three years I've been to West Africa, Paris, Rome, Thailand and China. Seeing other cultures, and experiencing everything this life has to offer, translates into new ideas and new possibilities. Everywhere I go, I seem to take a little piece with me. I see my painting style actually tweak and morph with every new experience abroad.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

My work has helped raise money for some charities very close to my heart. When I was in West Africa, I worked with an orphanage. The children there are amazing. I held art classes for them and really got to watch them grow as artists. When I got back, I knew I wanted to help raise money for the orphanage and some friends were holding an auction in San Francisco, so I added a piece for them to sell in the name of the orphanage. It sold and I was really happy to be able to give something back to the kids who I will never forget.

The fan stories that touch my heart the most are the ones where people tell me how I inspired them to pick up the paint brush. I love that! Sometimes they are people who have watched my career for a while, and when they finally catch up with me at a show or something they tell me they are painting again because of me. Sometimes they are people who just watch me during a live painting. They come up to me after and say "I'm going home to paint right now." I can't hear stuff like that enough.

Are there any big events coming up that the audience should know about?

I just got back from New York where I was showing some paintings at Agora Gallery. I really enjoyed the experience and now that's lit a fire under me to see what other gallery opportunities are out there. I definitely will be back in Miami this December for Art Basel. Say tuned for an announcement on where I will be showing late this summer.

               Mobarick Abdullah IIIMobarick Abdullah III   


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